Wednesday, July 17, 2013

seashells & seaweed

almost every day after camp I make a valiant attempt to go to the beach, because really I feel like it's a disservice to myself if I don't go considering I live about ten minutes away from some pretty beautiful beaches.

anyway, today while in the middle of a serious thinking session that really had no place during beach time, I was interrupted by the most adorable little boy, Christopher. He came up to me and held out a seashell, so I figured he was giving it to me. I asked him "is that for me?" and he cracked up, says no! and ran away.  I went back to pondering my life and all that nonsense when suddenly there he was again, running up to me. this time he held out a seashell and said "I got you something!" I made a big fuss over it, thanked him and off he went. I pulled out my kindle and got back to the chapter I had to tear myself away from last night...and then he was back. This little kid continued to bring me his "treasures" until I had a good pile sitting in my lap: a piece of driftwood, a clump of seaweed, shells, broken bits, rocks. He'd show me, tell me he brought it for me, laugh and then off he'd go. his grandma called to me "looks like you made a friend!" yeah, and I didn't mind one bit.

and you know what? he totally made my day. this little boy randomly decided to start sharing his treasures with me and didn't even know how his kindness warmed my heart.

kids are so funny.