Monday, April 23, 2012


hey, wanna know a secret?

i want a boyfriend.

ok, to be more specific, i want someone to share my life with. to snuggle up with me and reach things high up on the shelf. someone who is going to check behind the shower curtain, and help carry my groceries in. someone who would've kept me company in the hospital last week, and driven me to the er at 3am. someone to sit down and have dinner with, and catch up on our days. someone to hold my hand.

the truth is, i really am happy with how my life is turning out right now. things seem to be falling into place.

but it would be something even slightly better to have someone to share it with.

but, looking around at my life, looking back at the where i was a year ago or even two years ago...mentally, emotionally...

i'm really okay. and what more can i ask for?


with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


Saturday, April 21, 2012


hi! hey! helloooo!

i've missed you!!

there was a time when blogging felt like an outlet for me and i felt the need to blog every single day..and then one day my life got all over the place and blogging got pushed aside...

..and i do feel bad about that. i have SO much to tell you!!

i've been teaching, i moved, i'm working with my sorority part happy.

oh and i was in the hospital last week..that was fun. not.

what have you been up to?!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

since you've been gone {or..since i have}

life... is a funny thing.

it has a way of working itself out, no matter how much you doubt it.

now, i'm not a particularly religious person, but lately i've been thinking that there's someone up there looking out for me.

remember how i up and moved to providence a few months plan in sight? it turns out it might not have been the worst decision ever that i had a slight worry about my first few weeks here.

timing, happens to be everything. i stopped looking for answers.
 a job {even if it's only for a little while} fell into my lap.

i seriously doubted i would be able to handle it, and yet here i am --loving {almost} every minute of it. i can't deny there's something that warms my heart when my kids leave class on fridays and say "bye ms. c, have a great weekend!"
...they expect me to be there come monday morning. turns out it helped me figure out what it is i actually want to do with my life: school counseling. i'm not totally sure i've been teaching these kids the curriculumn the right way or even at all but i think just maybe i've made a difference to some of them by being kind, willing to give them a chance, someone to listen to them and hear them out when other people turn them away.  who knows when and where i'll start taking classes again, but atleast i know where my heart is leaning.

I applied for {what i thought was} my dream job and didn't get hired....but I got another part time job doing something i love, and have met people through it that i already consider so dear to me, even after only knowing them a short while.

i'm happy, i'm content, i'm figuring myself out, and meeting myself for the first time.

i'm looking for love, but..i'm living my life in the meantime. money's always tight, and more often than not i have to ask for help from my family...but i'm working it all out.

most of all-- i'm happy.

and right now, it's all i can ask for.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams