Sunday, September 29, 2013


So on Friday, after being called "mommy" no less than ten times, and feeling like a big germy mess, I desperately wanted a margarita.

anyway, I had plans with a new friend who had to cancel so I figured is proceed with my happy hour plans on my own. I hopped on a bus and began one of what I hope to be many nyc happy hour adventures. I went to my friends place of employment and stuffed myself full of two margaritas and guacamole, and an interesting thought occurred to me: I was alone, but I wasn't lonely.The whole place had filled up around me, with groups it couples, so close to me that I actually scootched my chair over a little to the left so we wouldn't bump elbows, but I was alone. 

And you know what? I really didn't mind it. I caught up with friends via text, I read a book, I people watched, I talked myself into ordering a quesadilla, and I wrote a lovely, thought provoking margarita induced post which I later lost somewhere between hitting "save draft" and attempting to hail a taxi on my own for the first time ever. 

I'm not a stranger to solo activities. I haven't quite mastered going to the movies on my own but I've got shopping, dining, and road tripping down pat. And maybe that's not such a bad thing. Maybe being able to recognize a friendship within myself is another blessing to count on Sundays.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Well hello there

Testing, testing, is anyone still out there? 

If you are, props to you for sticking around. I haven't posted in months, and for a bit before that too apparently. Who knows why since I sure have had a lot to say and enough time to write it in between my train, subway, bus, plane and horse and buggy commute to and from work. 

Oh work? You must be asking what the heck I'm doing with my life these days..well I got a job. Teaching. Pre k. So I'm molding the minds of tomorrow one hug at a time. 

I don't have much anything new to report really. I'm still "finding myself", still single, still looking for my own romantic comedy with a happy ending. Still searching for answers to so many puzzling questions like why do people listen to their music so loud at 6am on the train, or why the nickname for William is bill, OR why harem pants are a thing. 

Basically that's what I've been doing.  If you're still here, then thanks. I'm back, and ready to share my random thoughts if anyone's still interested. 

With a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams.