Thursday, December 29, 2011

i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky
And I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won't forget all the ones that I love

I'll take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

It's moving day, it's moving day!!! After a slight change of plans in which I was supposed to move yesterday, I'm moving today!

i'm a whole mix of emotions, but that's to be expected. i'm worried, excited, sad, happy, unsure, intrigued....tons of things.  i don't know what will happen from here on out, but it's a chance im taking. and i wouldn't be able to take it if it wasnt for the three people who know me best and who i will miss the here is my open letter to them:

Dear Moommy,

I love you. I know you're worried that I'm going to be sitting alone eating dinner. I know you're afraid about me getting sick and being too far away from you. I know you seem to think i am moving to antartica and will not survive the cold weather (that is not so unlike the one i am leaving). I know you are worried about me not using all my potential, that I don't believe in myself enough, that I don't give myself enough credit and don't want me working waiting on tables just to get by. I promise I will be ok. I promise I'll call you and I won't get annoyed when you send me bbm messages filled with all sorts of smiley faces. I actually get a kick out of it when you do. They make me giggle, no matter what I'm doing. I know you wish I could live with you forever, but we both know I had to go sooner or later. You've given me so much, it's about time I go and go do something to deserve it all. I will miss you trying to high five me or give me a fist pump when you crack yourself up at dinner, I will miss you taking care of me when im sick, and even will miss you coming into my room and offering to help me clean up the chaos i like to live in, or wanting to shop around in my stuff to see what you can use. I know you're worried Moommy, but you don't have to be (but I also know telling you you don't have to be is silly, because you wouldn't be you if you didn't worry about me) You taught me how to be a take charge kind of lady moommy, how to not let being a little lady let people take advantage of me, how to work hard, and make a difference in the world. because that's what you do moomy. and I want to be just like you when i grow up, because youre my hero. You work hard for us, and it's time for me to do the same. I know you're proud of me moomy, but it's time i start being proud of myself too. don't worry moomy, i'm just a short drive away, and you know I can't stay away from home for too long. i miss you already.


Dear Daddy,

I love you. I know you're worried too, even though you haven't said it. I think it's because you know i'll be brave, and probably because you know this is a lesson i'll have to learn on my own. Even though i'll never really be on my own will i?  because I can always count on you to help me when i need it. You listen when i need to talk and you don't judge me. you tell me your secrets because you know i'll keep them. i'll miss sitting quietly at the table with you reading the paper, and getting in each others way in the kitchen. ill have to buy the paper and do the crosswords on my own, but ill probably end up calling you for the clues that stump me since you always seem to know the answer, kind of like you do for every other question i ever have. I'm gonna get it together daddy, im going to figure out a budget and save my money. it's about time for it. i count on you for everything, but i have to learn to do it on my own. it's way past time for it, and i'm lucky you've let me have this long to figure it out. when you were my age you lived a whole lifetime of things i can't even imagine having to do, and i'm lucky for all the things you've given me. one of my most favorite days with you was when we flew to miami to tour that awful campus, ditched in the middle of the tour to go eat, and then spent the rest of the day at the beach swimming in our clothes because we didnt pack..well anything especially not bathing suits, and then we flew back home slightly soggy. when i couldn't sleep and moved to the living room last night because i didnt feel well, i cried all night after you tucked me in. i may be a grown up, but im still really just a little girl who loves her daddy. i promise i'll still talk to you twenty times a day, i'll never be too busy for that. i miss you already. you're my hero too.

your little palomita

Dear Binkaroo,

i love you. I wish we could live together forever, but you already shot down my plan to live next door to each other and build an underground tunnel to connect our houses. you can come visit me whenever you want, even though you think youre only going to see me on holidays. you're my best friend, what will i do without you around every single second? who will watch tv with me and ask me a hundred questions about the shows i watch and then make fun of them the whole time? i'm sorry i'm leaving you to handle dinner time questions on your own, but be patient with mom and dad, they love you so much-- they just want to spend time with you and stay a part of your life, even if they do make you crazy when they're asking a hundred questions. keep working hard in school, but don't stress yourself out so much over it, youre the smarty pants and you know you'll do well no matter what. be careful in the choices you make, and be good and kind like the binkaroo i love. keep your good friends close and always remember how valuable it is to have them when things get tough. don't forget you have me too. leaving you is probably the hardest for me, because I worry you'll forget about me, and won't talk to me so much when i'm not close by. we can still talk every single day and send lots of funny madeup bbmfaces to each other. you can let moomy and daddy read my blog now, they'd probably like it if you showed them how to see it. you're the first friend i ever had and my hero. and i miss you already.


you three are my most favorite people in the world, and i wish we could stay together forever. i know things will be different now, but we're still a family and im grateful for you,
 and love you every single day.
ok, sadfaces, sadfaces, i made myself cry writing this one, so off i go.

wish me luck lovebugs, i'm headed off on my adventure. my posts may be here and there until i get my internet situation figured out...but stay tuned to see how my adventure turns out :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Some may say this move of mine is really me taking two steps forward, one step back. Trying to go back to what once was.

And maybe I am. But I prefer to look at it as an adventure. A do over to live my life the way I had intended to live it before I let someone elses opinions change my direction and sent me on a course I was hesitant to take in the first place. because that chapter in my life is closed, and has been for quite some time now.

Last night, at my farewell shindig, I was talking with an old friend I've known since kindergarten who happened to be in town for the holidays. She has lived in many different cities and is now planning on moving again in may when she finishes school. She was telling us about how she picked this new city, despite only visiting it once during a long weekend, because it just felt right to her. She could see herself living a life there. It was one of those places that felt more like home to her than our actual hometown.

I know that feeling. That's how I've picked my places too. That's how I ended up going to college in providence all those years ago after only spending one day there, for a few hours, and only with the intention of attending an open admissions day and applying for the miami campus, but being miami was a plane ride away, driving to rhode island seemed more logical.

I went, and saw a possibility of a future there. I did end up visiting the miami campus a few weeks later, hating it and immediately deciding on attending the providence one instead.

Because that's how I make my choices. On a whim, based on a feeling. And it works for me. This move might be for a few months or it could be for a few years. You never know. Maybe I'll get a dream offer for a job in charleston, sc and up and go. Maybe I meet someone who changes my life and they want to move to austin. maybe i finally can save up enough money to travel abroad and end up staying in europe for a year, or two or three.  maybe, i'll bump into Prince Harry and he falls madly in love with me.

Hey, a girl can dream right?

The fact of the matter is that I made this choice and now i'm sticking to it. i'm going back to a place that I loved living in, love going back to, love the way i feel when i'm there. i'll give it my best chance, because really, that's what life is all about isn't it...taking chances? there's no guarantees that it will all work out, that i will be instantly happier, that everything will suddenly fall into place, but really what do i have to lose?

we were all given a life, and it's up to us to live it. fill it up. appreciate it and make it count.

so yeah, maybe my plan isn't solid. maybe i don't have all the details set in stone. but that's part of the fun of it all. it wouldn't be an adventure if i was completely planning on following a roadmap.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


Sunday, December 25, 2011

SANTA! I KNOW HIM! & other news.

good morning & merriest of Christmases to all of you who celebrate :)

i will be woken up in probably 45 minutes by my nieces who are anxiously awaiting to find out what santa brought them...

but as you can see, i'm already awake...because i haven't gone to sleep yet.

i have a cold and despite passing out early the last three days,
tonight  today sleep isnt working for me.

we have a big day planned for today...
 rip open presents. eat bagels. take a nap. eat lunch. get presentable. go see the muppet movie.
 have dinner. probably nap again. do stuff.

are you guys doing anything special today?

in other news: im moving in four days.


i've barely packed. i actually have no idea what to take with me.
my new room is considerably smaller than my current room.
i probably should've taken some measurements or something when i saw it, but i didn't so i'm basically at a loss of what will actually fit in im only taking whatever fits in my car and then my parents are bringing furniture and whatnot in a few weeks after i figure out what i can actually use.

so dilemma, dilemma:

do i pack the yoga mat i haven't used in three years?
the four bags of seasonal shoes, the one standing shoe rack, and my over the door shoe rack, and the basket of sneakers and boots?
my favorite books or just the smallest ones?
my knick nacks and memory books?
my scarf collection?
every single bag i own or just the ten i use most often?
my sunglasses collection?!
the list goes on.

actually as i'm sitting here looking around my room, everything i have is actually already in a basket or container of some maybe i can just stack it all up in my car and go.

but what about the pots and pans, glassware, my crockpot...all the millions of other random apartment furnishing i have from when i used to live away from home? my toiletries? toss that in a box too i suppose.

i wish i had an endless supply of money so i cold get there and buy everything i a closet organizer, since the closet is empty and without shelving, THAT i do remember noticing.
i also know i want to put up shelves in between the two windows to make use of the wall space...

maybe ill just toss my clothes into garbage bags and the rest into bins to make it easier to carry in once i get there.

hmm. all good thoughts.

moving is weird isn't it?

you have to figure out a way to stuff your whole life into a convenient, least stressful, moving friendly plan as possible.

anyone have any moving tips?

hope you all have a lovely day with your loved ones
wishing you got tons of lovely things, but more importantly a day relaxing surrounded by your loved ones

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy birthday daddy!

guess what today is?

one of the best days ever

otherwise known as the day my favorite guy made his grand appearance into the world some of you may be confused, and may be thinking to yourselves,
no Sarah,
that's tomorrow, youre a day early!

BUT im not!

because i'm talking about the birthday of this guy:

my brother & my daddy

it's my daddy's 60th birthday!!!

i know, you can't believe he's 60 either right?
he doesn't look a day over 40 :)

 i've talked about my dad on here before

but for those of you who may have missed it, here's some all around awesomeness stuff
about my dad:

* he's the best chef ever. he can make a gourmet meal out of anything. no joke.

* he will answer the phone at any time of the day or night. i've been known to call him at 3:30 am to ask how to pick a lock, the right way to cook scallops, or to listen to the weird sound my car is making

background info: this was supposed to be a pic of the bread pudding i made, but my dad wanted to jump in on it and i couldn't resist. his reasoning? "the only way i can get my picture onto facebook is if they're taking a picture of food and i sneak in!"

* his signature is in the shape of a heart. it actually looks nothing like his actual name, but he says it does

* he only accepts handmade gifts

* he loves sugar and shortbread cookies

* he makes a smiley face on every note he leaves us, complete with a mustache

* he only uses capital letters when he writes

* he can find anything, anywhere, among all chaos. you see a room full of stuff, he sees organized mayhem

* he loves pizza. if he could he'd it it every single day

dad & i on my birthday

* when he tells stories about his life he sounds like the dad in big fish. it sounds like he's making it all up and telling you fairytales, but it's all true

* he does the crossword, wordy gurty, and soduku in the paper every morning

* he has been known to wear every shirt and sweater he plans on packing for a vacation ON THE PLANE in order to avoid having to pay a luggage fee
*  he loves to barbecue. rain or shine. winter, summer..doesn't matter. he barbecues in all weather.

* once when we were on a family trip to disney, as we were walking into the park and employee who was walking past us stopped and said " hi rudy!" and kept on walking. we had no idea who they were.

* all of our friends at home think he's the real life "most interesting man in the world"

a few of his favorite things: pizza & wine

* he can give you an answer for everything. even if it's not true he can make you believe it

* he believes putting "the magic cream" he gets from uruguay on any injury or ailment will cure it,
 like the dad in my big fat greek wedding and his windex

* he's my biggest fan no matter what i do. even when i think im a big mess.

* he's the greatest, most wonderful daddy in the whole world

he's not perfect, but i wouldn't trade him for any other dad ever.
get my dad to like you and you're golden. have some of his food and you'll never want to leave.
he's the bravest, smartest, most caring guy i know,
 and even when he makes me crazy, and all i want to do is fight with him,
 AND i refuse to be facebook friends with him

he's my most favorite guy!

last years birthday

happiest birthday daddy, i love you !

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


Thursday, December 22, 2011

{ it's ok thursday }

happy thursday little loves!

linking up with amber & neely

for { it's ok thursday }

it's ok... be using my nieces visiting as an excuse to pretend santa is real
(putting out carrots for the reindeer
and cookies for santa, must do)

... to be super proud of the stockings i decorated for everyone this year

nine stockings with not so short names..easier said than done

... to not have decided on what job offer to accept
because i still have a few more interviews for jobs i really think would be a better fit for me

... to be moving in less than a week and still only have made a dent in my packing

... to think i may just go and chop my hair off
without telling anyone first so i dont get talked out of it
{ im a sucker for peer pressure }

... to get slightly annoyed when people update their fb statuses but not answer your texts..
you texted me, i answered you..sooo whats the deal? think ill probably never understand men, guys, boys

... to need atleast ten hours of sleep to be functional the next day wish these gifts would wrap themselves

... to be a little sad about leaving my after school boys..i do adore them and they make me laugh want a really good kiss on new years eve...perhaps ill start talking to strangers. have the strangest dreams with people you haven't seen in years and to wake up super thrilled it was just a dream { ...or nightmare }

... to STILL not be done with christmas shopping wompwompwomppppp have a love/ hate relationship with pinterest {why is the search bar missing again today?!? } be seriously stumped lately with what to blog about { and a little worried about it } be loving the way my self tanner looks...i quit tanning and cannot handle how pale i look!!

what's ok with you guys today?

have a lovely day lovebugs xo

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

They're airbrushed, and you're air breathing

"You have to start with confidence. Not bravado, not bluster, but confidence. This book is as much about losing your fear as anything else. If you want to be scared silly of being rejected and feeling vulnerable, of being too fat or too tall or too noisy or too quiet, you're going to be alone, because I'll tell you everybody's dirty little secret: If we let ourselves, we'd all be frightened all the time. It's not that there are brave people and cowards; it's that there are people who decide their fear is too heavy and can and should be left behind. These people go on with their lives: They focus on other people, have fun, have sex, have picnics, have colds, and even have doubts. But the emphasis is on doing, not on worrying. Checking out the latest movie star's pecs or bosoms is not a way to start dating. They're airbrushed, and you're air breathing, so let's get on with it. "

-- Excerpt from Chapter 2, Being Confident, Dating for Dummies


this is where i am now.

i've decided to be one of those people. the one who leave their fear behind. and go on.

i'm starting a new chapter in my life. it's probably why i'm so intent on moving before the new year.

my entire life i've believed the way you ring in the new year will determine how your year goes from that point on. i wear new underwear. i get my eyebrows done. i make plans to be doing something with people i care about. i call my parents.
when the ball drops i concentrate on being happy, no matter what.
because that's how i want to start every single one of my new years. not so much fresh, from scratch..
but happy.
anyway, i digress since this isnt't a post about my new years plans...but still.

how does one become more confident?

this is a lifelong thing i've struggled with. when i was little my parents signed me up for drama classes to help me get over my shyness.

clearly, it did wonders for me.

anyway. i'm going to read my little book and take notes.

because guess what my friends?

i've decided to start dating. yes i realize that in order to start dating there have to be people who are interested. and to meet people who are interested, one must go out, into the world and meet them.

so that's what i plan on doing. going out into the world and talking to strangers...
just not in the totally creepy, take candy from strangers in a white van way.

but i will make time in my life to actually have one. i wont always stay in, i wont always say i can't afford it as an excuse to stay home. i wont always say my clothes don't fit, or it was too long of  a day or i have to get up too early the next day.

life isn't just waiting on pause for me to show up and
decideto take part in it.
 it's happening every day, all around me. people are going places,
seeing things, moving away, moving back.
falling in love. growing up. falling apart.finding themselves.

so really, this post isn't about me dating. or about me moving.

it's about me, finding myself.

getting my ducks in a row-- as a kind friend said to me just a few moments ago as i was writing this.

letting go of my fears, my past, whatevers been holding me back.

just plain moving on.

so yes, i'm reading my book and taking notes, storing things in my brain to pull out for later use.
 but theyre just notes and just ideas about facing life...and you can't learn it all from a book,
somethings you have to learn through trial and error,
by taking chances, by not doing your norm,
by looking at each day like it's the day that can change your life for the better,
that it might be the best day of your life,
that something magical might happen,
by facing it one day at a time.
 making the most of every single day, every situation, every random chance encounter i have.

do i need to learn to be confident in order to meet someone? to find the perfect job? to make new friends? to show people how wonderful i really am? no.

because all that will happen when the time is right.
one day i will meet someone who wants to know more about me because i laughed at a joke no one else thought was funny, because i smiled at them, because i said thank you when they held the door for me as they were coming in, because i showed up somewhere with a plate of cookies, or because i'm reading a book instead of jabbing away on my cell phone.

that someone may be the love of my life. they may be my new friends in a new city. they may be someone who walks the same path i do every day, or has an empty seat at a table and dosen't mind me asking to sit down.

i need to be confident for myself.
so here i am. leaving my fears behind. moving one week from today.
leaving my family even if theyre still stuggling with thinking it's all a bad idea, and worrying about whether or not i'll be ok. even if i'm a little bit worried i may be making a mistake. even when i'm not really sure what i want to do with my career, or how i can find a way to incorporate all the things i love into something i can live off of.
even if i dont know if i'll meet someone next month or next year.

because you know what?

i'll make it work. i'll make the best of the life i was given, i will enjoy my life for myself.
because no one else is going to do it for me.
i'm the only one holding myself back.

and i've had enough.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


wed (nes) day

good morning, good morning
& happy wednesday!

linking up with Michelle at the vintage apple

let's pin together shall we?


true story.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

i dont even like shorts, but i'd probably, most definitely, wear these

yumsss tomato & mozzarella grilled cheese. every single day

i don't even buy books in the first place,
but i will not buy a book with a movie picture instead of the real thing

Source: via Megan on Pinterest
i did this in my room, minus the frames
but im thinking of adding the frames when i do it again in my new room

or like in the library, or cvs, or just plain anywhere that's obvious

i feel your pain dude. little arms, little legs.

can i find THESE under the tree this weekend?!

Source: via Jaci on Pinterest
this reminds me of beauty & the beast, my favorite!!

keri make me not afraid to cut my hair

when i grow up, and have a kid, i hope to look this cool

this is how i think i look wearing my raybans. no, seriously, for real.

the colors, the accessories, the vest. lovelovelove

that's all for today folks, i'm trying to figure out my facebook timeline.

has anyone tried it yet?...can we say awkward?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


sometimes & always

okay, okay, so i didn't finish the post i've been working on...
slight case of bloggers block.

buttttt i did finish my holiday shopping, and wrapped a bunch of it
AND made stockings for everyone
soooo i think i can get a pass on not coming through with the post, right? right.

so instead of finishing that little post i've been thinking up in my brain, im linking up with
 megan from mackey madness 
for sometimes and always

sometimes: i dream about chopping my hair off into a super cute bob because it's so dry and feels stringy, sooo maybe i should cut it and start from scratch

always: i remember how much i cried when i did chop my hair off a few years ago, and talk myself right back out of doing it again.

exhibit a:


but...maybe second time arounds the charm?

Source: via Renae on Pinterest

sometimes: i question if i really want to be a teacher

always: i make one of my after school kids smile with a kind word and a ask them what they did all day, and i remember that i love that feeling.

my birthday announcement during student teaching:

sometimes: i miss my ex boyfriend so much my heart literally aches

always: then i remember how much better off i am without him than i ever was with him and i stop feeling so mopey.

sometimes: i put paper down so i don't get glitter everywhere when im using it

always: i get up from where i'm working and find glitter EVERYWHERE

sometimes: i set my alarm for earlyish and tell myself i'm going to get up and be productive

always: i hit the snooze button so many times i end up oversleeping and scrambling to get myself together, forget about being productive before then.

sometimes: i tell myself i will go for a jog in the morning, even though i hate jogging.

always: the morning comes and i decide to stay under the covers and try again the next day. i never do.

sometimes: i wonder if i'm making a good choice by deciding to move away from my family

always: i know i can come back home again, no matter what.

sometimes: i want to go live on a farm, grow my own things, have lots of animals and craft my little heart out
always: i remember that farmville is just a facebook game and a lot more work in real life

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


Monday, December 19, 2011

more sparkle than what is usually only acceptable at a dance recital

ello, ello lovebugs!

i've had this really deep, meaningful post in the works for the last few days...

annnndddddd i really would love it if i could finish it and share it with you...

becauseeee i do live in a slight state of fear that my blog
will be too light and fluffy and a whole lot of nothing
and you'll lose interest, and ill lose interest andddd
 well you get my point.
except that when i started blogging,
and for months after i took it up seriously i never actually even told anyone about it,
 so i guess if i did lose all my followers i'd still be blogging for myself anyway

...but i do love seeing your sweet comments every day, and new faces on my sidebar...
except i did lose one yesterday!!
womp womp sadfaces
sorry to see you go,
 guess you didn't want to stick around to wait for more awesomeness to
spill onto the page here on my little corner of the world

right, okay, back to my point..
so i promise i have a lovely, thought provoking post that i'm determined to finish and put up tomorrow, so for today you get this one!

{ my new years eve outfit ideas }

i may or may not spend the day wearing this hat. because now i finally have it, and i actually have wanted it since last year and when my brother went to get it for me in hot pink he ended up with a tube top he thought was a headband/hat/wrap combo thing....long story.
BUT low and behold when i was running around like a craycray lady tonight burning up the strip on my credit card i found it!
and while i was there i saw that the necklace ive wanted forever magically arrived back in stock!!! so maybe ill toss that on for an extra bit of magic :)

funfact-- the unicorn is my sororitys mascot <3

then i have two dress options, because apparently i will be wearing a dress.
my first option is this lovely one armed number!

{ she looks like she's having fun right?}
sparkly, bordering on tacky, i love everything about it,
except the sleeve is a touch too long so i may be making it a 3/4 but i haven't decided yet

my second option is multicolored like this dress:

BUT is strapless and shaped like this dress:

i should also mention i'll be spending it
seeing this band:

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

at this NYE party:

soooo since it's nye i'm going all out sparkly

with this nail polish:

{ color club's gold glitter }

and probably this lipstick:

{ sephora's mr. lover for any of your curious kids}

but since it's a { Kickin Country } party...

i may also be wearing a denim jacket and boots.
because i think that's what you wear to a country event no?
 except in real life i'd be wearing jeans and something plaid but for nye sparkles are a must.
and the fact that i'm gonna just toss it all together
even if it's all over the place is totally okay with me 

what are your new years eve plans little loves?!

anything fun? staying home? have a hot date? tell me tell me!

also, check in tomorrow for this super thought provoking post i have in store for you.

{ it may not really be thought provocking but come read me anyway, since it makes me happy }

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


Friday, December 16, 2011

25 things you probably don't need to know about me but i'll share anyway

I have some new readers here

and i don't like to be rude and not introduce myself....

sooooo to tell you a little about myself

here are some completely random

25 fun facts

about this little miss:

who grew up into this one:

  1. i never carry an umbrella. everever. i do own three but i cant stand carrying around a drippy wet umbrella so i just don't. ill wear a hat and tuck my hair up into it, or use my hood, or make a slow walk mad dash to wherever i need to be

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

2. i don't like twizzlers. nope. when i do have one it does nothing for me, i think they taste like a cherry flavored plastic/rubber hybrid.

Source: via Trenda on Pinterest

3. i climbed the leaning tower of pisa when i was three. i can still imagine how i felt inside it, and swear i could feel it moving the higher up we got.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

4. you know those little black round magnets? i stuck one up my nose when i was little and thought i had it in there for weeks. my mom says it was only like ten minutes but whatever. i have no idea why, apparently i wanted to see if i could breathe with one in there.

5. i never used a public bathroom until i went to college. never. imagine what our roadtrips to florida were like with me holding it in until we stopped at our hotel for the night. and yes, i realize that hotel bathrooms count as public, but for some reason they made the cut.

6. i wanted to name my dog optimus prime. true story. i was going to call him opti for short. before i got him i would actually refer to him as opti. and then i went, saw him and named him riley. again, as with many of the choices i make and then look back on, i have no idea why.
7. i don't like lady gaga. { gasp, blasphemy i know! } i will jam out to that dance song or sometimes even pokerface. but that's it. im just not into her. sorry to all you diehards out there.

Source: via Shayna onPinterest

8. i used to be in beauty pageants. think toddlers and tiaras. except my parents weren't nuts and i looked like a four year old not a four year old hooker. i rememer being asked what my favorite food was after i walked down the runway and couldnt think of anything so i said spaghetti. i don't even like spaghetti.

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9. on that note, i also was a baby model. apparently my retirement came early when i threw a tantrum one day during a catalog shoot because i didnt want to pose with a random stranger and pretend she was my mommy. to think, i could've been discovered and become the next mary kate & ashey olsen if i wasnt such a brat.

10. i didn't start wearing makeup until I was 23 i had no idea how, and didn't think i really needed any. sure sometimes i wore some when someone else put it on for me but really, i wasn't too into it.

11. my ex boyfriend taught me how to wear eyeliner. my dad likes to say it's one of the few things "the useless" did for me, along with giving me my favorite pair of boots, and forgetting his fancy knife set when he left.

12. i have three scars from when i had the chicken pox. i know where they are and one is totally from my dad thinking i got gum stuck to me and trying to pull it off since it was the very first and lone pock on me before the others showed up. i remember that happening like it was yesterday, true story.

13. i love leopard print. all the time, with anything.

14. i never match, atleast not on purpose. i literally will put on whatever i want to wear and decide it looks lovely together. stripes, flowers, camo print, black, brown, blue, hot pink, and toss on a red hat for good measure? add tons of bangles and an obnoxiously awesome necklace? yep. i like it just fine :) im going for a nicole richie bohemian look with a dash of my own things tossed in

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15. i wish i was taller. but not like something ridiculous like wishing i could grow a foot overnight. i'd like to be like three inches taller. that's all. my 5'1 self just would enjoy a slight extra boost. thank goodness for heels.

16. im a sucker for a guy in plaid. and if he's tall? and has nice hands? but the most guaranteed to make me have the biggest crush on them instantly? if they can make me laugh...which isn't hard to do since i laugh at basically everything as pointed out by many a teacher over the years... make me giggle and im done..
{ le sigh }

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17. i can read a whole book in one day. because i like it. and because that's how i always read. which is why i used to read in the dark when i was little because it was past my bedtime and ultimately ended up needing glasses. thank goodness for lasik surgery.

18. i miss my glasses. yep. oddly enough it turns out i liked them, just not the inconvienence of them...imagine my joy sadness at learning i needed a night prescription six years after my surgery. soo i busted out an old pair for my new little prescription and now happily wear them when needed

19. i hate opening presents infront of people. DESPISE it. i always feel so awkward about it. like what if i hate it? and i dont want to hurt their feelings, but they can tell i hate it?or theyre sooo excited about me opening it and then i dont react as thrilled as they are? or i already know what it is and can't act surprised ( bc i have snooped and found out ahead of time, maybe...once or twice) sigh. i try to distract people when it comes time to open gifts but it almost never's always just so awkward.

20. im terrified of dying. seriously, i don't understand how everyone else isn't completely freaked out by it like i am...or maybe you all are and just have figured out the secret to dealing with it, and if that's the case please feel free to share it with me. like one second youre living, breathing, feeling, thinking, existing... and then suddenly youre just not. and you have no idea. i wish i could know that there's something else after this, that someone could answer all my questions, comfort me in some way about it...ugh, sorry this one was a morbid downer :(

21. i peed in my pants when i was in second grade. in school.
in gym class.
my scary gym teacher said none of us could say one word until after we did our warm up excercises...she was really terrifying and i thought she'd eat me or something. when i did cave in to ask, she yelled at me. three minutes later i was sitting in a puddle of my pee, got up and ran out hysterically crying. my classroom teacher found me running down the hallway and took my to the nurse to change my clothes and then brought me back to the room with her to read any book i wanted instead of making me go back to gym. miraculously, when everyone came back to class not one person knew i had peed in my pants, or they never said anything. to think...i could've lived the rest of my school years being known as Sarah PeePants.

22. i've experienced two hail storms, an earthquake, a cyclone, a tornado and a super freakstorm flooding.

23. ok this one is a repeat from a past post buttttt i think it's worth sharing again.
when i was little i thought serial killers were bad guys who ran around supermarkets cutting open boxes of cereal. i'd be like wow, that's a mean thing to do...what do all these people have against lucky charms boxes?!
tell me that isn't exactly what comes to mind when you first think of it?

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24.  i'm late for everything. always. even with the best intentions of getting there early. it's probably one of the worst things about myself, and the one i feel the guiltiest about on a regular basis. because really everyone always knows i'm going to be late and that's just plain embarassing. so if i've ever had you waiting on me, or if you end up waiting on me, i'm sorry. i read once that fifteen minutes is the cut off for waiting on people, because someone can legitamitely be fifteen minutes late by accident. after that, if you've been waiting 20 minutes it's because the person doesn't respect you. trust me people, i respect you, i'm just super easily distracted.

25. i hate cursing, but love lil wayne. is that an oxymoron? maybe. seriously, you should hear me rock out to him. redic. im a spectacle to be seen.

andddd an extra one for good luck...or because i'm 26...or because i don't like odd numbers...

26. i don't like odd numbers. ha.

ok there's so many more random things about myself i could keep going on about but you've probably had enough.

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have a lovely weekend lovebugs!

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