Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wedding things.

Things that make you crazy when you hit your almost two month mark: 

(Okay, things that make you crazy while planning a wedding when you hit the 6,5,4,3, almost 2 month mark...) 

Suddenly, or not so suddenly since I'm me and I always do this...please refer to my prom dress fiasco of 2003... Simultaneously alternating between hating, second guessing, and loving all of the choices you made thus far: 
- your dress
- their dresses
- your shoes
- your venue
- your band
- your guest list
- your honeymoon
- writing our own vows
- your eyebrows (and I'm growing these bad boys out until the final moments)

The only things I haven't flip flopped on right now are my groom, my hair, and my dog. And even she's testing my patience these days. 

With a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams, 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

a story: an (un) expected proposal

A few weeks after we got engaged, my future mother in law asked if I would have ever thought I'd be marrying George one day when we worked together in high school.

If you had asked me ten-ish years ago the answer then would have been...who?

If you had asked me again a year ago, six months into our relationship I would have said yes, absolutely, yes. George and I liked to say to each other throughout our early time together "Well that escalated quickly..." . We went from an awkward first date to falling in love within weeks. We have been planning our life together from the beginning and have been enjoying every moment together, with our pup Mila from the very start.

We exchanged whispered I love you's by our third week of dating and less than three months later we were planning our future together. Truthfully? We set our wedding date months before we were officially "engaged" but that part really didn't matter to us in the grand scheme of things. Since it wasn't a secret that we were doing this, it's not a surprise that I had the day of when he'd propose narrowed down too. I know this all sounds very unromantic...but the knowing that this was a real thing, that we were committed to each other--that saved me from the heartache I had had before, the doubt that maybe I was on my own in my feelings. We were in it together, planning our lives with intent and purpose. And then? Despite all my "knowing" and planning -- I really had no idea he was proposing to me until the second it was happening. And even then I still didn't believe him. I thought he was fake practicing again (don't ask, I'm crazy). And then, there it was happening while I was standing there holding a jar of detergent in my hand, with my belly full of the huge dinner we just had and my hair a disheveled mess from an awful day of work and commuting. And there I was looking down at the love of my life kneeling in front of me, in the living room of the first home we've shared together, holding onto our pup and asking me to spend forever with him, officially. And it was the greatest, unplanned, sweetest moment of my life (to date).

with a heart full of hope &  a mind full of dreams,