Tuesday, February 28, 2012

who's a slacky slacker? oh right, me.

guys. i've been a little bit slacking on my blogging lately and i'm SO sorry. i think i blogged twice last week!! unbelievable!

i feel so tired lately, and really for now reason. i was off of work all week last week, and exhausted the week before from getting adjusted to working again, and apparently this week i need some adjusting as well. wompwomp.

anyway, today i had a good hair day, and two students told me they liked me shoes, and another one said i always look so adorable every day....

...i don't know if im totally okay with girls ten years younger than me saying i look "adorable" when i'm supposed to be the adult in the room but ehhh, ill take compliments wherever i can get them.

i also gained popularity points when they noticed two of my tattoos (the only ones that are sometimes visible), spent the majority of one period cracking up every five minutes because of the jokes we were all making, giving back just as much as i got,  and watching the honey badger video with them.

i totally have a post in the works..{ maybe a series? } that i'm planning on calling:

"man, high school is SO awkward: what i'm learning my second time around"

i'll sum it up for you: i'm super glad im not still in it.

random, but i cannot believe titanic is coming out in 3-d. that's so weird to me..and spoiler alert: it sinks.

i'm contemplating wearing leggings to work tomorrow. probably not acceptable attire but...i might just do it anyway.

i'm also super into updos lately, with my hair straight or my natural curly mop

i heard a new Jason mraz song this morning that i loved but have no idea what it's called. also that coldplay song, paradise? love.

i had to ask my students what 32 divided by 4 was today. they all pulled out their phones so tell me..i don't know who is worse off in that situation. they did give me their varying opinions on almond milk though and helped me decide on a brand.

does anyone have any suggestions on helping stimulate my hair growth? im have a desperate desire to have super long layers. my biotin pills aren't cutting it.

im loving my steel grey shade rimmel nail polish..super similar to chinchilly from essie.

what other random thought can i share with you?...

oh, i hate facial hair. on myself not guys. like despise itttt and i feel like i can't get rid of it no matter how many times i go at my face with a tweezer. has anyone had electrolysis done and recommends it?

ok, i think that sums up my random post for today :)

promise i'll be back with more substance soon

happy midweek lovebugs!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



Friday, February 24, 2012

friday's letters


friday's letters

dear gazelle machine at the gym: i will be seeing you again soon. as in monday. be prepared. we're gonna go hard. dear facebook: i might be giving you up. ok stop laughing. you make me a little crazy sometimes letting me see every detail of everyones life i know..it may be time to cut our ties. ok, not really, you know i love you. maybe just a separation for a bit. dear high schoolers: i've recouped during this vacation and am ready for you. let's get this straight-- i'm the adult, even if you all are taller and bigger than me. what do they feed you in the cafeteria food, for real?! dear little lovebugs i babysit for: building forts with you and getting unlimited hugs made changing diapers not so awful. dear other tenants in my apartment building: why must you run up and down the stairs? why do you move furniture at 3am? why are you apparently a herd of elephants?STOPITRIGHTNOW. you make me want to put marbles on the stairs so you fall down and bump your bum, that'll teach you a lesson.i don't like the meaness you bring out in me.  dear 6am: i hope when this week starts we begin meeting on friendlier terms. dear 3am: i don't want to hang out with you again until next weekend. dear match.com: if i'm going to pay for you, i sure hope you introduce me to some winners, preferably not ones who only have pictures of their cars, dogs, or in the bathroom, shirtless with a cellphone. dear the wonderful man out there in the world looking for me: i would like to be the goof to your ball. the sun to your shine. the belle to your beast. the june to your johnny. you're obviously looking in the wrong place. good news! i'm right here, so hurry up. dear homemade chicken tortilla soup: thanks for being so delish. dear crockpot: thanks for patiently waiting five years to be used. you've made me wonder why i waited so long. dear self: you can make things happen. because you're awesome. so what are you waiting for?! get to it!


with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams,


Monday, February 20, 2012

apparently, i'm not a good role model. good to know.

* i should probably put a disclaimer here letting you know that i go on a cursing rampage down below, but it's totally relevant in this post. if you are a regular here, you know that never happens so i'm sorry in advance :) *

facebooks a funny thing. see you don't need to be friends with everyone. clicking decline is really not a big deal. you don't need to be friends with your cousins, your 3rd grade teacher, your boss, or the girl who works with you but you don't actually ever speak to each other in person. you also don't need to detail every mundane thing you're doing with your day, or post a play by play of the fight you're having with your significant other and then act shocked when people ask about it. 620 pictures of your cat? no thanks. specifics of the poop your kid made yesterday, also, no thanks. plain, god awful statuses that make you look dumb? i'll just unsubscribe from your notifications to avoid it and still be able to look at your pictures. (thanks facebook for breaking down my options for me into even more choices)

oh and there's one minor detail. FACEBOOK IS NOT FOR CHILDREN.

see, remember what they taught you in kindergarten?
if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. so i don't, usually.
 until now.

i actually have been known to not accept friends requests from family members, or even unfriend them if the mood strikes me. see because the way i see it is just because we're family doesn't mean we have to be friends. harsh? yeah maybe. probably even worse since im friends with tons of other people who could probably care less about my life, but ehh, that's another minor detail.

anyway, a few weeks back i was informed by someone that the content i posted on my facebook was inappropriate and that person could no longer be facebook friends with me because their children frequently saw said persons facebook account and therefore said person said "I need to be selective about what I let in my house"

holdddddd up. wait, what? pause.

my immediate reaction was pure, livid, anger. for one- because of who it was from. second- after my response of:
" Well, I am 26 years old and do not put up anything that I am embarassed about. There's a reason facebook is for adults and not children so that's fine if you feel that way."

the response i got include, among other words that literally meant nothing to me was "you don't need to be sensitive about it" and the aforementioned: "I need to be selective about what I let in my house"

if any of you know me in real life, you know what kind of person i am. but for those of you who don't have the pleasure of having met me in person let me fill you in:
i don't curse, i don't do drugs, i don't sleep around. i don't drink until i black out, i'm educated, well spoken, polite, and respectful. i'm a teacher, i'm a role model, and people trust me to take care of their children. i don't take pictures of myself in my underwear, i've gotten two speeding tickets in my life, and the one time i got detention in high school i confessed it to my parents because i felt guilty lying about it. oh and i absolutely DESPISE when someone tells me not to be "so sensitive" about anything, ever.

ok, so maybe im a goody two shoes. maybe.

whatever. i'm awesome, so totally not the point right now. my point is that in regards to my facebook, the things i post usually get liked by atleast a few people, not because they're scandalous, and are most definitely not things i would be embarassed about or wouldn't share in real life.  and also, i'm friends with my two teenage nieces on facebook and i NEVER, EVER post anything that i think would reflect badly on me and change the way they look at me as anything other than a positive role model.

some of my photos:

and some of my recent statuses:

keep your heels, head & standards high ♥

If a man has more than 3 tattoos, he's not allowed to tell you he has commitment issues

At a certain point it becomes a little less important who you want to go home with friday night and much more important who you want to spend all day saturday with.
scandulous stuff, i know.

andddd the status that i put after i was notified that my facebook content was inappropriate:

Yep. Facebook is for adults for a reason. If you don't like what I have to say or approve of it, delete me bc I don't give a fuck. This psa brought to you by me, the girl who never curses unless she's really pissed off, as in now.

which was liked by 22 people within 20 minutes.

anywayyyy. you see the funny thing is that kids only know what something means if you tell them, or if they've learned about it somewhere else.
does your five year old know what sex is? how about shit? fuck? stupid? ass? loser? pot? weed? drugs? hmmmm what else could  possibly be a no no for children? you get my point.
see remember before how i mentioned i was a teacher? these are things i have heard out of the mouths of six year olds. IN A SCHOOL.  i've seen shows on the disney channel and nickleodon that are directed to these kids that make references to things i can't believe is even allowed. i see video games that encourage kids to shoot things, and posters showing pre teen musicians bumping and grinding, and barely dressed. so, if you're worried about me being a bad influence on your kids, then you have bigger problems. you should probably start with asking yourself why your kid is on your facebook in the first place, or yet why they might know the meaning of the taboo vocab words i listed above.
oh, and next time you want to call me out as a bad influence, perhaps you shouldn't follow that up with a status about why you think smoking pot is better than getting drunk. because hey, that's totally okay for your kids to be reading on your facebook. righhhhht.
over and out.

Friday, February 17, 2012

i think im sleeping with my eyes open.


i've been a bad blogger this week. i haven't read any blogs basically, and i haven't written any either


i've been surrounded by teenagers who apparently think school is just someplace to display their wardrobe choices and take naps on a daily basis, so they leave me pretty exhausted  that i just want to lay in my bed and stare at the wall by the time i get home.

 what's that say about me that after only working for one week, i am grateful to have school vacation next week....yeah, as if i didn't just have the entire month off to do nothing with my life.

Source: imdb.com via Cherie on Pinterest

random--but i've never watched american idol before until this season. and i'm like really into it. like realllly into it. as in I cry when someone i like gets cut and they cry. as in i get angry and argue with jlo when they pick someone to move on to the next phase that i think is a mean person.


individual cups of mac and cheese are underrated. especially the ones that come in shapes. i'm partial to the spongebob ones. try it for yourself. you're welcome in advance

i would enjoy a new lipstick. perferably in an awesome red or pink. the fact that i have lipsticks i love and dont wear, have no reason to wear them, never wear lipstick in real life, or need any lipstick is besides the point. sometimes a girl just wants to wear a broken in pair of jeans and some fancy lipstick.

Source: keikolynn.com via Sarah on Pinterest

my hair is falling out. definitely falling out. i would like it to grow long, luxurious and thick again. preferably by the time i wake up tomorrow morning.

and...that's all i can think of to tell you about for now.
my brain is tired so i'm going to catch up on my dvr list for the week and do this....
and i should make this:
or this:
too bad i only drink cheap wine that comes with screw off tops or in boxes.
c'est la vie.
with a heart full of hope & a mind fill of dreams

Sunday, February 12, 2012

why i refuse to be a bitter betty

I joined in for a link up hosted by one of my favorite bloggers neely
for many of us little bloggers to introduce our blogs to the world and hopefully make some new friends. We could use a post about anything really --
so I decided what better way to introduce myself to you out there who may stop by and visit,
than to ramble on about my theory on valentines day and being single

so take off your shoes, find a good spot to get comfortable and hopefully you'll stay awhile :)

well, i've been watching the notebook all day today.

legit, atleast three times. and i still stand by my opinion that the book is way better than the movie, (and has a way better ending) but i suppose if you've never read the book then the movie is just lovely but makes my heart sad.

and on that note:

so.. valentines day is coming.


wait for it.....

i'm totally okay with it.

are you shocked? because i'm single?

well don't be.

yes, i'm single. and so what? let's be real, sure i'd love to have a boyfriend to do something special with on this official day of demonstrating your love to a special someone, but just because i don't have that right now does not mean i'm going to be one of those jaded girls who hates everyone who does.

and do you know why?

because i'm not alone. i have people who love me every single day. i have parents who think i could fly if i tried hard enough. i have a brother who tells me jokes about corn because he knows they'll make me laugh. i have a sister who sends me care packages just because. i have good friends and random friends and friends who i haven't spoken to in years but they see something that reminds them of me so they facebook me about it.
i've spent valentines day with boyfriends, with friends and on my own.

this year, i'll be spending v day working at a high school, probably watching teenagers awkwardly show off their flowers, balloons and cheesey gifts to each other while discussing the meaning behind the bear with the "iluvu" heart on it, while i'll be sitting at my desk sipping my coffee and enjoying my valentines day appropriate outfit.

which i've obviously already picked out and have hanging up in my closet.  i might even be coordinating it with a super fantastic red ribboned headband with a giant bow i have...which will do nothing to help in my attempt to look like an adult, and will probably contribute to people thinking im a student hanging out in the faculty lounge.

one of these days ill have someone in my life who will want to show me every day how much they care about me -- maybe by leaving me a note in my bag reminding me to have a good day, or turning my car on for me on a cold morning before i have to leave, telling me i look pretty when i wake up, or noticing the way i changed my hair from my usual, or even texting me just to say they were thinking of me -- and on valentines day maybe we'll do something exciting and special, or maybe we'll just hang out at home and make some dinner and watch a movie

but for now, i'm ok. im going to work on tuesday, going to the gym when i get out,  making something decent for dinner and heading out to an event afterwards at a college down the road to meet a group im hoping to volunteer with.

for those of you who have plans-- with a loved one or friends
(who are also your loved ones i'd like to point out) enjoy and have fun!
if you don't have plans--make some.
do your nails, clean your house, grab drinks with a friend, try that recipe you bookmarked to attempt one day, just please for the love of saint valentine, do something besides feel sorry for yourself and hating everyone you know who is happy in their relationship.

love yourself first. cliche delivered, over and out.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


p.s. if you'd like to learn more about me and my ramblings { click here } for the good stuff, xo

nail polish, sunshine & good coffee: what it's like to have a sister

Source: google.com via Allison on Pinterest

did you know i have a sister?

most of the time when i start saying something about my sister people usually say:

"what sister? you have a sister?!"

why, yes, yes i do!

growing up she was like this really cool superstar grown up who'd make guest appearances
 in my little kid bubble of a life.

i remember her taking me trick or treating when i was five, and taking me to the movies.
i remember running into my room and locking myself in once because her and her friend were being mean to me when they were supposed to be babysitting. i remember her big hair and her glasses, and wanting to be just like her.

when i was six and she was 18 she moved to california
and forget it:
 she went straight into celebrity status in my mind.

from then on visits to see my sister all over the country were up there in most awesome highlights of my childhood.

because of her i went on a plane without my parents for the first time. she took me to the santa monica pier. she painted my nails and dyed my hair, and let me have velveeta which was a big nono back home. she made me love MAC's rocker nail polish. she's taught me that plans are just things to deviate from, and that dreams aren't so far fetched no matter how unrealistic they might seem to others. she's taught me how to love unconditionally, how to justify a purchase by breaking down the amount paid by how much it was worth ($100= wear it 100 times= 1.00 per day), how to appreciate a good cup of coffee, and how to make my own curtains, scarves and tons of other things. she has been there for countless late night conversations, welcomes me into her home at a moments notice, never kicks me out long after i've overstayed my welcome, and helped put me back together when i felt like things would never be okay again. she encourages me to order dessert when we go out to eat and never makes me feel like my concerns don't matter. we laugh about rediculous things, discuss the right shoes to go out dancing, and the pros and cons of drastic hair ideas until we either convince ourselves it's a good idea or just do it anyway. we practice taking self portraits whenever the chance comes up and could put most caterers to shame with our meal brainstorms, and packaging ideas.
she was with me when i got my first tattoo, exprienced my first tornado, and the day the world was supposed to end. i have countless memories with her and of her, millions of things i've learned from her, and so many amazing things i could tell you about her.

but that's all you really need to know.
she's my sister and she's amazing.

when i was small, she was a grown up who i was lucky to call my sister.

now we're two girlfriends who are even luckier to call each other sister & friend.

she's my willing listener and advice giver in all things
fashion, love and life related.
but more than that she's one of my best friends,
and my very favorite one and only big sister.

happiest birthday to the prettiest, smartest, most wonderful big sister in the whole world!

love you tiana, xo

Friday, February 10, 2012


dear self,

      next time you have to wake up at 6am the next day, please attempt to be productive all day long with activities that will leave you so exhausted that you will have no other choice but to fall asleep immediately the second you get into bed. your idea to relax and enjoy your last official weekday off by doing absolutely nothing important except napping and watching marathons of your favorite tv shows seemed like an awesome idea this afternoon, but now being wide awake at 1 am...ehhhnotsomuch.

we're going to regret this when the alarm goes off in a few short hours. wompwompwomp.

not so smart now are we?

hopefully your hair looks as fantastic later on as it does right now,
(but i doubt it-- that almost neverrrr happens)
and maybe you'll be able to get a few more minutes of hitting the snooze button. 
the bags you'll have under your eyes?
can't really help you with that one.

later gator.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

it's ok.

hi lovebugs, whats new?

it's time for another edition of "it's ok" thursday with neely & amber

Its Ok Thursdays

sooo, let's get to it shall we?

it's ok..

...that i had no idea a 5k was only 3 miles. i say ONLY 3 miles because i'm sure you normal, well adjusted superhero munchkins can run 3 miles like it's no big deal.

...that i on the other hand, used to cheat when being tested on the mile run in gym class. even during the practice runs. anddd i walked when i reached the curved part of the track. yep

...that besides the obvious fact that i never run, for fun or otherwise, i am registering to to
The Color Run in new york on august 25th. i pinned it a couple of days ago and jokingly said i'd do it if it was a real run...and it is. so if i'm going to run, atleas it'll be awesome right?
p.s. does anyone else want to do the one in new york with me? i'll even provide free room and board { or my parents will, but it's the same thing :) }

check it out here.

it's ok...

...that if you were to draw some conclusions about me according to the t.v. shows im currently obsessed with you mayyyy think im a 15 year old teenager : pretty little liars, once upon a time, the lying game, switched at birth...
...or you might think im a closet serial killer: criminal minds, bones, dexter, alcatraz, svu, csi...i could probably solve crimes like a pro now

... that i caved in on my "no more fast food" plan because i saw mcd's has the shamrock shakes back!...because while drinking it, i found a hair in it. andddd, now im back on the no fast food bandwagon.

...to actually despise teen mom 2 because i think the girls are just awful and shouldnt be portrayed as role models but to have seriously enjoyed this recap of the latest episode

...to shop for bathing suits to use as inspirations to go to the gym. hey, whatever works right?

whats up with you guys today?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sharing the memories.

one of my favorite blog friends Meghan over at shine on
is awesome, a professional sorority girl and i happen to adore her

she regularly blogs about her life working for her sorority and all the fun things that go along with it, which i love to read because really it would be my dream job too.

she's hosting a link up so the rest of us out in the blogging world can share our sorority life memories and stories with each other-- the good, the bad, & the wonderful

i linked up so you can read my entry there ( i'm #2)

greek life gets a bad rap.
you can't understand it (or judge it for that matter) if you never experienced it.
through it all you meet people who you form a bond with...
and for many that bond stretches throughout a lifetime.

i am who i am because of my experiences within my sorority.
 i'm not only very much okay with that, but also proud of it.

are you a current member of greek life or a post college alum?
 link up with meghan and share your stories :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


oh how pinteresting!

hello, hello and happy middle of the week.

linking up with the lovely Michelle over at the vintage apple
for Oh how pinteresting wednesday!

god, i love pinterest. and i love getting emails ten times a day about all the new people who joined pinterest and are now following me, or have repinned something i pinned...makes me feel both special and gratified that i pinned something awesome and other people think so too, haha

also, i had someone ask me the other day if i was on pinterest, and "you should really join".
ME?! i was the first person of all the people i know in real life to join (thanks to this link up!!)
sooo...good to see it's catching on, so when i talk about loving my pins or getting an idea from a pin, people actually know what i mean :)

let's get to the pins shall we?

oven dried strawberries, yummm

make your own wrap. awesome.

gorg. love her.

Source: myrecipes.com via Jenna on Pinterest
portabello mushroom, tomato, goat cheese, grilled pita

Source: google.com via devstar on Pinterest
and is ron wearing a shirt with daniel's face on it? and yes, i know his names not actually ron, but i cant imagine it being anything else


chicken enchilada soup, my favorite

Source: mamamia.com.au via Anna on Pinterest
hi stretch marks. im a tiger, apparently. and now ill get more from losing weight.

oh herroooo!

Source: lh3.ggpht.com via Sarah on Pinterest

genius. and so handy! now im not fishing around in my bag for them!

i could really keep going...but i need to cut myself off. want to see the rest of my pins?
follow me on pinterest!! my button is over there on that side somewhere ----->>>

and head over to michelles page to see what others are pinning :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dream