Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

When I was younger I always thought that growing up meant getting a really important job, moving into the city, wearing fancy clothes,having super perfect shiny hair and just being older and just knowing things. I thought that I would get married when I was twenty five ( because I'd be sooo old by then!) and so my life would go.

Well, twenty five is right around the corner and yet I don't feel as old as my former child self thought I would be.

This could be both good and bad right?

So here's a little about my twenty four year old self in a nutshell: I thought I had it figured out. I went to college, met amazing people who met me at a point where I was finding out who I was and what kind of person I actually wanted to be, and I fell in love. So I was all set as far as I thought.

Shockingly (not) all was not so set in my future.

So what do you do when one day you wake up, look around and wonder " how did I end up here?"

After my best laid plans, did in fact go astray, like John Steinbeck warned us all about back in junior year english class, I had to come up with a new plan of action...but as my brother in law has always said, plans are just something to deviate from.

So here is my new "plan" : I won't let my life pass me by. I am going to take chances, not settle for less than I know I deserve, learn just what kind of person I am and just plain l i v e...
because really, life can end at any given moment, and there are no do overs.

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