Monday, April 23, 2012


hey, wanna know a secret?

i want a boyfriend.

ok, to be more specific, i want someone to share my life with. to snuggle up with me and reach things high up on the shelf. someone who is going to check behind the shower curtain, and help carry my groceries in. someone who would've kept me company in the hospital last week, and driven me to the er at 3am. someone to sit down and have dinner with, and catch up on our days. someone to hold my hand.

the truth is, i really am happy with how my life is turning out right now. things seem to be falling into place.

but it would be something even slightly better to have someone to share it with.

but, looking around at my life, looking back at the where i was a year ago or even two years ago...mentally, emotionally...

i'm really okay. and what more can i ask for?


with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. I want all of this too. It will happen for you, I just know it. Take this time to concentrate on you. Learn a new skill. Take a class. Join a gym. Join a book club. Try something you never have done.



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