Thursday, December 13, 2012

random acts

so i've decided to do something nice for someone every day for the rest of the year
...hopefully, this will stick and i'll keep doing it for...ever.
today, i took all the garbages out for everyone in my building. usually the guy who lives upstairs does it when he leaves for work at 3am. i hope he's pleasantly surprised when he leaves today and sees the trash on the curb!
yesterday i stopped what i was doing and asked someone if they wanted a ride because i realized we were going to the same place and i was passing right by their street.
on sunday i brought munchkins to a meeting i was going to.
on monday i didn't yell at someone when they were mocking my theory of needing just one person to be able to make a difference in a childs life....... yeah, that counts. i really wanted to tell him he was a bitter, jaded, mean guy, and should just stf up. soooo that counts.
why am i telling you these things? not because i want credit for doing them, that would negate the whole point of doing them. I'm telling you so maybe you'll see that a random act of kindness doesn't need to be some big giant spectacle, but really something small and simple.
tis the season loves! (but really, it wouldn't kill us to be a little kinder, every single day.)
with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams

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  1. these are great! i really need to start doing more. i've always wanted to buy someones lunch behind me in a drive thru. but i just haven't done it yet.


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