Sunday, July 24, 2011

I keep up to date with everyones blog but my own..whoops :(

soo, i'm the worst blogger ever, since i've managed to faithfully check on the blogs i read daily, but not write anything on my own since september.

a lots happened since then but that's neither here nor there. short recap- i had a rough couple of months, things looked pretty dark for a while there but i got past it and am starting a new adventure in my life :)

i feel unsure about a lot of things lately: where am i going, what am i doing, who am i?
but im trying not to stress out about it all because really i think these are questions people ask themselves every day. maybe somewhere in this big wide world, there's someone else wondering about their life the way that i am right now.

some days i think to myself that i can live in this town the rest of my life and be happy about it. there's something to be said for the feeling you get when you run into people that have known you your whole life just running to the store. but at the same time it gets very tiring..people who've know you your entire life tend to remember you only one way and in my case its the 16 yr old version of me -as someones sister, someones girlfriend, someones daughter, someones friends and never as my own person.

all i know is that im ready to have an adventure of my own!

wish me luck :)


  1. good luck! and btw do i know you??? I sometimes fall behind on my blog but im trying my best to catch up

  2. thanks :) we dont know each other but i stumbled upon your blog at some point and became a follower. dont feel bad about falling behind: as you can see i've been neglecting mine for almost a year. time flies!

  3. haha woohoo for us being on the same boat :D


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