Wednesday, November 21, 2012

random random

hello dear friends!

let's recap shall we?

i went to the happiest place on earth aka ikea and bought things i didn't need but ended up building this:
im a rebel, i broke the rules:
and the night before that i decided i wanted to paint stripes on my wall:
i also cut my hair:
and managed to do two unimagineable things: 1. not cry about it and 2. take a picture of myself in my bathroom mirror
oh and yesterday this happened:
my parents celebrated 29 years of wedded loveliness. aren't they the cutest little muffins?
and some more random things:

the penguin on the pier one commerical is one of those weird twins from rugrats. which is a show i didn't ever watch i just happen to recognize the voice. random i know.

r kelley (kelly, no e? i don't even care) is releasing his 23rd chapter of trapped in a closet....why?

dating in your 20's is hard after college and you don't work somewhere full of single people. i feel like everyone got paired up and now the rest of us are scrambling to find a partner. and trust me there are some pretty slim pickings.

oh no you say? trust. if we were friends on snapchat you'd be agreeing with me since you'd see the guys im getting matched with. ironically, the guys i do message because they interest me-- they don't reply back. you know who does? the guys i immediately rule out from reading one line in their profiles.

..sigh. i know that actually sounds really harsh of me.

lindsay lohan? i can't even.

twilight? i must seee it.

paul mcdonald and nikki reed's music together? love.

and......last but not least, i would like to go to aruba. that's all. not too much to ask for no?

happy almost turkey day loves!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. i love your hair, your stripes, and your ikea find! hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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