Wednesday, June 19, 2013

bet ya bottom dollarrrrrr, that tomorrowwwww

When I was going into fourth grade my parents were going through some tough financial times and  because of that we moved and I had to switch schools. (It's weird hearing about things from your parents point of view years down the road. To hear my parents talk about this period in our lives, I was completely oblivious to the financial struggles they were dealing with on a daily basis. Like completely naïve. It makes me feel guilty and bratty, but it can't change that now, just trying to be more aware in the present)

Anyway, in my town we have about six elementary schools so really it wasn't a big huge deal, but for me it definitely was. I was shy, I was leaving my best friend, and teachers I loved. Not to mention the boy who was my absolutely, can't breathe, can't sleep, one true love Scott L . Because you know, you totally know you're in love when your 8. (Awkward, if people actually read this and know who he is..I'm embarrassed for my 8 year old self) So there I was my first week of 4th grade and I get pulled out of my school and plopped into my new one. In my new kid welcome packet I got a pencil that said "School 8 is great!" which I then proceeded to change the words and went around saying " I hate School 8" for about three weeks.

Clearly, while being shy, I was also prone to theatrics.

SO somehow my parents got the idea to sign me up for this drama playhouse thing for kids, where my best friend and I would go once a week after school and take drama classes, culminating in showcase performance for an audience. So week after week we went and practiced and I debated the absolute huge decision of if I would belt out Annie's "Tomorrow" or be really epic and recite this huge poem that was like three pages in our drama books. I decided on the poem because 10 other girls were going to sing "Tomorrow" and practiced until I knew every word by heart. Cut to the night before our performance when we were doing the dry run. We were all told to line up in order, go out on stage when our names were called, announce our names and the title of what we were doing stand for a few minutes and then walk off. No practicing of our actual performance. AND GUESS WHAT?! I was picked to go first. So there we are the night of our performance...they call my name, I was so pumped...I walked out to that stage, looked out into the bright lights of my acting debut and said......: "Hi I'm Sarah, and I'm going to recite insertnameofrandompoemhere", gave a bigggggg smile, took a bow.....and walked off stage.

cricket, cricket.

it took me walking off stage, behind the curtain and down the stairs to the wings where everyone in my group was waiting before I realize I didn't actually recite my poem.

right. awkward.

SO I had to turn myself around, go back onto the stage and give myself a do over. without crying of embarrassment, which was a feat in itself.

what's the point of this long winded trip down memory lane to my very first acting debut you may be asking yourself?

.......whenever I'm on an interview and I get asked my very first question and am expected to essentially perform for this stranger to demonstrate my talents and capabilities-- well, I turn into that 8 year old girl who got caught up in the glare of the spotlights, completely blanked, and can't remember what she's supposed to be doing.

but as my 8 year old self discovered that night, all you have to do is take a deep breath, look straight out into the crowd, and fake it til you make it. and then give a bigggg smile when you're done. and that's what I did today, during my teaching demo lesson that I was so nervous I thought I'd drown in my sweat.

the end.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams

{random: but one of my favorite memories with my family is during out first night in our new house (which is now our old house...we move A LOT), when the four of us slept on blankets on the floor in what would be our living room, that was actually this huge double parlor, all together like we were camping because our furniture wasn't unpacked yet}

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