Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Life is really just beautiful moments, one after the other"

I'm linking up with Lisette & Catalyn for their Just Because blog hop and thought this was a good post to share for today..just because we could all use a reminder to value our every days a little more.

So when I see a lot of people sharing the same videos over and over again on Facebook, I usually try to hold myself back from clicking the links just incase it's a virus or some other such nonsense. but yesterday I felt drawn to this one link I kept seeing so I clicked it, and I think after watching it...
I feel changed.
here, watch it for yourself: My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech
If you know me, you know that I am absolutely terrified of dying. If we start talking about it, even if I am alone and start thinking of it, one thought leads to another and I's an awful thing, an irrational fear since it's an inevitable fate for us all. I'm learning how to cope with this fear but honestly I don't know how everyone else isn't walking around constantly panicking about this as well, but that's another post for another day.
watching this video, learning about someone who knew he was dying every single day with a very real ending, it just moved me.
Things I learned from Zach Sobiech: someone I had never even heard of until his passing on Monday, and yet I feel like he has left us with such a profound message.
"life is really just beautiful moments, one after the other"
watching him reflect on his life, and prepare for his death mystified me. He wasn't angry, or bitter, and while some might say those are feelings he might have showed off camera...I think he really was at peace with what was happening and I envy that. He was living every single day as much as possible, not letting it pass him by. he loved his life. he loved his family. he loved his friends. and he let them all know. he touched the lives of those around him, and now so many more. there's just so much he touches upon through this video that to me, I find deeply profound for someone who is so young, but seems so much wiser than people I know ten years older than him.
" It's really simple actually, just try and make people happy"
 he talks about teens and their view on being invincible which is so true. how many times have I heard my high school students talk about things as if danger doesn't exist for them, as if they're immortal. He talks about people being afraid of death and the unknown and puts it in a whole new perspective that I've never thought of.
" it's kind of like sitting in the dark so you could just be freaking out in the dark thinking about what's out there, or you could just relax and fall asleep, and just be happy and content with everything"
here is the special music video for his song clouds made for him by celebrities and friends if you'd like to see it.
and perhaps the most important message he left the world with:
"You don't have to find out you're dying to start living" - Zach Sobiech
rest peacefully Zach.
start living people.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams

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  1. His song is beautiful. I remember hearing it some time ago but I didn't realize it was Zach until I saw the video this week :(

    Great post. RIP Zach


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