Monday, August 13, 2012

my very first swap!! who wants in?

ok so this technically isn't my first swap since i've particiapted in nail polish, scarves, ornament, and other random swaps but it is my first time hosting one soooo without further ado:

i know, i know, you're saying to yourself "a magnet swap?, really?" but yes.
Since living alone I have discovered that magnets are underappreciated and highly necessary. especially if you're me and everyone you know is sending wedding, shower, baby, engagement announcements & invites and you have one lonely heavy duty magnet struggling to keep things on your fridge.
PLUS have you ever really thought about what you display on your fridge says to guests about you? it's like a quick look into your life : maybe you have pictures, invitations, quotes, contact info, random things that say to a guest passing through -- this is my life in a nutshell.

Last week I had mentioned my desire for some magnets and today I came home to a surprise from two blogger friends! so why not spread the love?

Here are the guidelines:

- Maximum spending amount: $10 (that includes sending it out) so maybe you pick a really great big magnet or two smaller awesome ones, whatever you'd like!

- If possible make it personal. Check out your partners blog and get to know each other. Share something that represents you, or something that interests them, whatever :)  

- Please mail your swap item out by Saturday 8/25

- Make it lovely! Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?! So please make it worthwhile for your partner. I've been pretty lucky in my past swaps so let's keep it going!

Ok, that's it i think...anyone still interested?
 Leave your name, blog address & email in a comment if you are!

I'm keeping this sign up open until this friday 8/17 and will then let you know who your partner is so you can get going :)

I'm already excited!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


p.s. tell your friends, pass it on!


  1. I'm so down!!
    Lauren York

  2. Magnets. You're awesome. I'm in!

    desperately seeking {gina}

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!



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