Saturday, August 11, 2012

what a beautiful life.

so today one of my oldest childhood friends asked me to call her.
"call you?" i said, "who calls people anymore?"
" i need to tell you a funny story" she said
"does it end with you being engaged? because you'd be the third one this week" (clearly i think i am a funny girl...){cricket cricket while i waited patiently for a reply about some random person we knew ten years ago who did something awkward, because this is actually how conversations with us go}
"perhaps" was her bbm back
 and this is how i knew she was about to tell me she was engaged. which she now is. so i called anyway to hear it out loud. (Congrats again boogie!!)

a few days ago my friend kayti sent me a picture of an engagement ring. with the caption "yep. that happened!"  and this is how i found out she was engaged.

a few months ago, my friend Laura, who ive known since kindergarten, called me for my birthday and asked me to call her back because she had some news to tell me. and when i didnt call her back because it was my birthday and i hadn't even realized she left me a voicemail, she texted me to tell me she was engaged.

again, notice a pattern here?

this has been happening at a steady pace of at least two of my friends every other week for the last two years.

here is the moral of my story:
and no, for once it's not that
i am alone and looking for love.

it's this:
yes, bad things happen. people get hurt, people hurt others, peoples hearts get broken, people get discouraged, people get lost and confused and go through periods where things are hard and seem like maybe they won't ever get better. i know, because i've been there right along with the rest of you.

but things always get better. and not only do they get better, they sometimes turn into something better than you ever expected. and not only that, but these things show you that you are actually never alone. and that's where i am right now. I am not alone, even though relationship wise i suppose i am.
because I have friends who have wonderful, amazing things happening for them right this moment, and during these happy times, they have thought to share their happiest news with me.

so yes, i could be sad and miserable and say woe is me...
(and to be honest, every so often, i do, for a moment feel that way)
BUT THEN I am overcome with happiness for my friends. my beautiful, wonderful friends who I may be separated from in years or distance, from the last times since we spoke or saw each other, but really are not separated in memories or at heart. because we have those things to connect us, despite the changes we all go through-- the moves, the jobs, the life things that sometimes get in the way, maybe some that we haven't spoken in months or years.

so to my beautiful, wonderful, at some point in my life friends, friends i am so, very happy for you all

(many of you don't even read my blog, but still)

sara, laura, kayti, lazlo, tricia, dan and about 50 other people i know -- congratulations on your very recent engagements, and on finding that one person who you want to spend the rest of your mornings waking up with. happy wedding planning to you all

katie, emily, sarah & teresa -- congratulations on your wedding days that are just around the corner, lifetimes and lifetimes worth of love and happiness to every one of you

joe & jacki -- happy almost 2 year anniversary, and the growth of your little family with surraya and kylie

candice -- congrats on all the changes youve made these last few months, and for taking risks on what your future holds for you

missy --congrats on being brave enough to move to a place where you didnt know anyone and doing it anyway

julie -- congratulations on finding the job you've been working so hard for, and for loving it so much already

danielle- congrats on your new home & for deciding to take a chance on a change of careers

steph a -- i forgot to say congratulations on your teaching position, you will be a wonderful teacher!

kait, danielle & amy-- congrats on your very recent weddings, a lifetime of love and happiness to you all.

angela -- congrats on your new position, and for all your hard work paying off

shelley -- congrats on your amazing weight loss and all you've accomplished

and last but most certainly not least,
congratulations to my sister tiana-- for being brave and strong and as always a role model not only to me but to your own kids. for always lending an ear and a hug, and for believing that even if today seems a little rough, tomorrow is always bound to be a little better.

to these friends and to so many others, who i may not be able to think of right now-- it doesn't matter to me if we haven't spoke in months, or even haven't seen each other in years. whether we were once close and are now just people from each other memories. i am so very happy for you all, for every amazing wonderful thing happening for you, and even if i don't say it enough or even at all, i am thankful for you. and grateful that you have shared your lives with me at some point or another.

and sara? you know i really meant it today when i said i was so happy for you. even if i prefaced it with "Please hold while i put my 'i'll be single forever but i'm happy for you anyway' voice on". because you're my boogie, and you know what i really mean, after our almost 15 years of friendship.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams





  1. I love how you say that you never know what is going to happen and where happiness will find you. That's so right.

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  3. Thanks for the blog shout out!! :) Can't wait to see you at the wedding and to celebrate you being so wonderful for years to come! xoxo

  4. this is such a beautiful post! your going to have a lot of weddings to go too! Have a happy Saturday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending today . BTW I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!


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