Wednesday, August 8, 2012

oh, hello!

ok here's a whole bunch of random:

sometimes, i wish i was a boy just so i could have a mohawk. so this actually means that sometimes i wish i was my brother. awkward.

have any of you bought one of those imitation j crew bubble necklaces off of ebay? i want one and want to pick a seller someone's already purchased from.

i have a LOT of friends getting engaged, married and having babies. by default this also means that i have a LOT on invitations to showers & weddings. i don't have the free time or the money for all this. ofcourse i wish i did because missing out on life events makes me sad. so currently, i feel a little sad sending back declined rsvps :(

i think i want to do this to one of my walls:

or this :

i'm 27. and yet, everytime i see my parents for a few days and then they have to leave, or i do, i feel a deep sadness and revert right back to the little kid who used to hate getting dropped off at camp and really wanted to stay with my parents in the car and go wherever they were going
that's me, hiiiii

i don't want to work...and yet i need the money. too bad i wish i was doing something i loved instead of something that gets me by.

....which brings me to a very important phone call, about a very special possibility coming up in a few weeks...and here's hoping i make a fantastic impression BECAUSEEEEEEEE then, something wonderful will be happening in my life :)

here's hoping!

and here's something to ponder:

anything random going on with you guys?




  1. I recently was on vacation and spent the entire week at my mom and dad's house. I cried when I had to leave. There is just something about being with them!

    Good luck with the phone call!

  2. I love that even though I'm growing up, my parents still let me feel like a kid. All the best in the upcoming weeks!


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