Tuesday, August 23, 2011

did i move to cali and not notice?

sooo true life: i survived an earthquake!

for anyone who happens to live under a rock, there was an earthquake throughout the east coast yesterday!

Let me be honest here: I've been sick and my doctor put me on a new medication yesterday, so I was in the middle of a nap when the earthquake started, and for real thought I was hallucinating from my meds when I woke up because my bed was moving so much. Only when my brother ran into my room did I realize that the entire house was in fact really moving. MOVING! THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!!! I started freaking out, my brother thought that maybe a pipe burst on our block or something and thats what was going on. Being the social networking addicts that we are, we both immediately went onto facebook to say something about our house shaking, and discovered that every single one of our friends was posting the same thing: IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE! in NEW YORK!!!!

ok so i know the earthquake was actually in virginia, where my sister and her family live, and i was super concerned and calling them trying to get in touch to make sure they were ok. again, thanks to facebook, one of my nieces posted a comment on my status to let me know they were ok. (yayyyy facebook!) my parents are also are down south in myrtle beach. As i called my dad in full panic mode to tell them we had an earthquake (this was before i found out it was not just in new york but all up and down the coast) and my dad answers, hysterically laughing: " I CAN'T TALK RIGHT NOW, EVERYTHING IS MOVING!!!" yea duh dad, thats why im calling, BECAUSE WE'RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE AND THE WORLD IS CLEARLY ENDING!!!

yeah, i've watched one too many end of the world movies, so I know how this is gonna play out. i need to move out to the midwest and climb the tallest mountain i can find to survive the coming tsunami (deep impact), find an astronaut to save us all (armageddon) or find some money to buy a ticket for a spot on a giant ark deep in the middle of nowhere (2012)

to sum this all up: there was an earthquake, everyone is ok, and last night we got an ice cream cake to celebrate, complete with " i'm all shook up!" written on it :) oh and after we figured out that an earthquake had just happened, and i was bugging out, my brother turns to me and says, "so....whats for lunch?" good to know he stays calm during natural disasters.

im just so thankful that it wasnt like the earthquakes in chile or haiti, and pray for the people who were affected by those disasters.

survive an earthquake? check that off my bucket list, along with surive a tornado, and two hail storms within weeks. i'm having quite the eventful summer.

be brave loves,

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