Friday, July 6, 2012

friday, friday

dear dphie convention in miami: this time next week i'll be partaking in four days chock full of sorority loving. dear everyone at work: thanks for thinking i'm 20, and having no idea that i am in fact 27. dear tuesday: get here soon, you're the start to my mini vacation and i'm so very excited. dear dramamine: i hope you do the trick and help me stay calm on my flight to florida, which is not going to be 2hrs long. dear hair: grow. dear charlize theron: you were a whole lot of crazy in snow white. dear pink lipstick: i shall be rocking you when i go see magic mike or the katy perry movie tomorrow night. i feel either occasion is appropriate. dear awesome earrings at forever 21: be mine. dear closet: can you sort yourself out? on that note, dear suitcase: could you pack yourself as well? dear feet: could you try to not ache anymore whenever we try to wear cute shoes? like these or these that would be great. dear table that tipped me more than 20% tonight: i don't know if you did it on accident or on purpose, BUT i appreciated it anyway. dear unnamed grad school: please accept me into your program. i really, really, really would love to be back in school. seriously. dear acne: what is going on?! are we fifteen again?! get off my face. dear fall: ( a last minute addition after reading ashley's letters and immediately looking at my favorite tall boot website to see if they were up yet) i'm strangely really excited for your return. tall boots, knee high socks, chunky wrap sweaters, scaves, hats, pumpkins, apple cider, leaves turning, not to mention the much better, less humid hair days...should i go on?

happy weekend lovebugs!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams




  1. I want to say the same thing to my hair - grow, and grow thick! Forever21 earrings are always cute but a bit pricey.. :( I enjoyed reading your letters! Have a great weekend!

    By the way, found your blog through the link-up. :)


  2. amen to the acne! i am near 30 and still get it sometimes! i mean come on, i did my time!!

  3. You are in Miami - me too! And what a blessing you look young, you will be even happier in 10 years :) Have a super day and found you via the letter link up. This was my first link up ever!

  4. oooooooh Forever 21 is uh-maz-ing. Messy closets are quite the bummer.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Yay for mini breaks! Im a bit strange I find packing the suitcase exciting before going away, I write lists and everything! I have even been know to try everything on to make sure Im actually going to wear it and what goes with what. Yep Im way to organised! Have a fab weekend x

  6. Hi! from another 27 year old blogger named Sara(without an h). I get told I don't look 27 either, I always procrastinate packing, and have been planning on reorganizing my closet for forever!

  7. I am in Miami too! love it! I want forever 21 to be mine as well!


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