Thursday, July 19, 2012

" if you want to kiss me, the answer is yes, and you get this tshirt"

guys. let me start by saying: to each his own. personal choices and all that stuff.

BUT , that being said, if you haven't ever watched the virgin diaries on tlc, please please do.

holy crap. it's like tlc found the craziest virgins ever and put them on a show. and better yet they
 found enough people to have different episodes for a whole season.
it's like virgin status in hyperdrive. and it's nuts.

for example tonights episode featured skippy the 34 yr old virgin who lives in his moms basement.
he takes his mom to the clubs with him, along with a backpack with a hair dryer in it so he can dry himself off periodically when he gets too sweaty. he also collects his own belly button lint (for the last 15 years) and uses tshirts to bribe girls into kissing him. he makes said tshirts as one of his other hobbies. my favorite one of his is "34, mormon, virgin: proof dinosaurs exist."

please watch it so you can understand the full effect and don't think im just a judgemental b.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams.


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  1. One of my friends told me about the virgin diaries ha- I need to watch this show!ps cute blog ;)


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