Friday, July 20, 2012

friday letters


dear morgan (my hairdresser for the day since my regular one was booked) : first, while i was in the shampoo chair you washed out my color and said " oh that's not good" and then told me i ended up with a bizarre color in my hair "but not in a bad way". you didn't wash the dye out of my hair all the way and told me it was my hairline, when i asked you for a towel to scrub it off myself. then you said you couldnt blowout my hair because it was too coarse and kinky. and then you asked me if i could just straighten my own bangs at home. and let's not even talk about how inappropriae you were talking about your coworkers and the other clients around us. i've been getting my hair done at salons for over 15 years and i'm pretty sure this was my worst experience ever. ever. ever. good thing i've got a correction appt that your manager scheduled for me after she saw how you were sending me home.
unless im THE COUNT, im pretty sure that's not my hairline.
dear olive garden: i always think youre a good idea. until my stomache starts to hurt. and then i remember why i said i would never return to you again. until the next time. dear fridge: youre full of random odds and ends, none of which equal anything i can eat. i should probably go to the market for some fruits and veggies. dear new family im nannying for: please turn out to be a good idea. i'm already dreading the hours combined with my restuarant shifts. dear grad school: i would really like to start in september. please let me know if i can. dear hair: sorrysorrysorry. dear jobs of mine: youre really getting in the way of the trips i want to take. texas, italy, greece, virginiabeach, bali, the whole wide world? dear four weddings: ive watched entirely too many episodes of you today. must change the channel. dear ulta: your makeup for $1 was a serious issue for me. did i need six eyeshadows in different shades of grey? probablynot. dear lipstick:i think i'm going to start wearing you to work. waiting tables is no excuse to not spruce up right? right. dear ashley: thanks for hosting this week after week. i love reading everyone's letters. it's good to know im not the only one who writes letters to inanimate objects.


  1. Hey there! I am stopping by for the first time via the link up....gurl...that salon experience sounds terrible!!! I use a wonderful hairdresser who come to my house - have done for years and even when I spend 10months abroad, I never trust anyone else to cut it!! I always return to the UK with terrible ends and she sorts me out! It is so tough finding someone you trust to deal with your hair. I mean, it's your HAIR - it is on your head and people see it 24/7, know what I mean??!! I really hope you find someone trustworthy asap!! Love your letters, I adore the name of your blog. I am your newest fan!! Have a good weekend!! Sally xoxo

  2. I hope your correction appt works out for you. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

  3. Aren't bad experiences at the hair salon the worst? One time I had a girl dye my hair half dark brown and half barbie blonde, with a skunk stripe when I pulled my hair back. I was almost in tears when I left haha. I wonder if my ulta is having the same sale...

  4. Oh my goodness - I cannot believe you just experienced all of that - I'm so sorry!!

    Keep Shining,


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