Tuesday, July 17, 2012



... believe that this is not where i am meant to be

... know that people can be hurtful without really being aware that they're doing it

...feel that i am easily forgotten by everyone i know except my parents

...think that i should have gotten checked out at the hospital after my accident even though i didn't have insurance, because it turns out i have an injury that didn't heal properly

...want to have people i can count on

... am concerned for the future of the world: smoking blunts and speaking in slang is really up there on your list of priorities? there's a difference between enjoying your youth and making yourself look unintelligent. The word is "though" not doe. Calling everyone you see a bitch and a hoe? classy. Having reckless sex and then being worried you caught something? super.

...know that people grow apart, for many reasons, and sometimes you can't explain it

... think that you can suffer on your own for a long time and people don't even see it

... feel that sometimes I'm in a room full of people i know and still feel completely alone

... want to take back the last few years of my life and do things differently

... confess that having no one waiting for me to come home hurt much more than i wanted to admit to myself

... wish i felt complete
... hope that i figure out what i'm doing with my life

... hate that i feel like this

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. i...hope that you find true happiness. I also think you create your own destiny and will get out of life what you put in it. Make your efforts for you, not for anyone else. Good people will enter your life at the right moment. Positivity attracts others and is contagious. All the best.

  2. Somedays we just have days like this! I had a very rant-y post the other day where I was in a funk too. More people care about you than you will ever realize. Trust me. You are always hardest on yourself but keep your chin up and the clouds will part. You will see your happiness again soon. :)


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