Saturday, October 13, 2012

fridays...err saturdays letters.

Hello lovelies!
Happy weekend!
Well,  I'm a day late and a dollar short but here are my Friday's letters anyway!

dear midterms: i forgot you existed! why can't i just go to school and enjoy the learning experience. and then why is it an option to have midterms be both take home and in class. that's juts prolonging my stress level like woah. dear group projects: have you ever heard someone say "i love doing group projects!! they're the best!" no. you have not. and you know why? because group projects suck. unless youre working with your friends or something. but when you're working with people you don't know it's no beuno. and a group project in grad school is even worse. forget the regular issues of group projects in college then add in the grad school factors...people usually have full time 9-5 jobs and families. it's not so easy to be up til all hours putting a presentation together. why must you be a requirement in these classes?! dear weight watchers: i finally bit the bullet. i have signed up, and im hoping this is just what i needed to start holding myself accountable. it's only been a week and i'm already feeling good about it. let's do this! dear guy upstairs: you used to live in this very apartment i call my own right now. so WHY do you make so much noise now that you moved directly above this apartment. you should know how loud it is down here! headachecentral. i do love my little place though so here i shall stay. dear animal shelters & adoption agencies: i would like to provide an animal in need with a forever home. approve me. i will provide countless amounts of love, despite my lack of a legit yard. everyone else in my building has a dog and they manage just fine. dear my very abused hair:thanks for not falling out. no seriously. i know we've had our ups and downs, but here's my pledge to stop bleaching it and embrace my roots. literally. dear sydney over at the daybook: those bangs are the greatest thing ever!! I can't even count how many times i decide i want bangs and then despise them within a week of chopping my hair. i shall purchase these per your suggestion, as soon as i have some spare money to use on something i don't really need. dear halloween: i LOVE halloween. I don't subscribe to the mean girls theory that it's the one time out of the year a girl can dress slutty and no one can judge you for it. I actually HATE when girls do that. i'm sorry but wearing underwear and sticking ears on your head does not a mouse make. ANYWAY...this year I was going to be a toddlers and tiara contestant but now with this whole honey boo boo craze, i've scrapped the idea. same with being katniss. SO now im debating between being an indian princess OR max from where the wild things are. i'm sort of leaning towards max, mostly because i would love to rock some footie pajamas in public. thoughts? dear life: thanks for giving me chance after chance. i appreciate everything about you.

well, that's all for now lovebugs! hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and being productive.
....unlike myself who has two papers, one essay, two half take home midterms to study for and complete andddd a cold...but clearly i'm blogging instead of doing any of that.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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