Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hurricane update

My family and friends back home have been hit hard with the damage done by hurricane sandy. I am three hours away, and was supposed to get hit with the worst of it and am totally fine.

While I was here baking cupcakes and making jokes about being stocked up on wine, my brother was saving my dog from drowning from the sudden ocean of water that went into our house and filled our downstairs practically to the ceiling.

I was home this weekend and my parents made me leave so I wouldn't get caught in the oncoming storm, and now I wish I had stayed instead and was with them so atleast I would see they were safe with my own eyes. I wish that I didn't leave because I was so worried about needing to go to work because I was new and couldn't just tell them I wasn't coming in.

My friends and family are okay, but waterlogged. My town and those around it are semi in shambles and those of us who are away from them are experiencing heavy hearts and the urge to drive back immediately, over down trees and through rivers of water just to get home again.

Please keep my friends & family in your thoughts and prayers, and if you have found yourselves in the same situation, I hope you are fairing well.


  1. as a fellow east coaster i feel you...and i have your family in my thoughts.

    my parents didn't get any water in the house, but have been without power for almost 24 hours. here's hoping it all gets better soon!

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  4. hey stranger. im glad youre OK but sandy did do its worst to others. thoughts are with everyone.. hope youre well..


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