Monday, October 29, 2012

ohhhhhhh sandy.

hello hurricane day!
thanks to the hurricane that may or may not happen here in little rhodey, i have a whole day off with nothing to do.
which would explain why i am still awake at 5:30 in the morning...mostly because i'm freaking out, and mostly because i can. far i've managed to move my whole bedroom around and catch up on many a blog post that i have been so badly neglecting, besides actually writing my own, which ive also been neglecting.
and you know what's happened from reading so many blogs?! i am now lusting after a desk i must have immediately. and some new glasses. and a recipe i want to try...or atleast 6. and a detail wall i want to attempt and the fact that i might want to be best friends with the college prepster

this basically sums up what i want to do today, what im shopping for today and what's keeping me occupied while my lights are flickering and it sounds like my apartment is going to fly away. (because right now it's 5pm and the storms coming!)
on the plus side, I did just make some delicious buffalo chicken and am contemplating making cupcakes from scratch if my power holds up.
Stay safe lovelies!!

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