Thursday, March 1, 2012

that time where i told a guy that i know we're meant to be...and i'm totally not kidding.

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do you believe in premonitions? because i sure do.

i've written about this before but let's recap for those of you who are new around here :)

i believe in signs. i believe in premonitions. i believe in feelings.

now you can call me crazy, but...there are just some things that have happened that i just KNEW were going to happen, and then boom there it was.

like that time i randomly decided to go visit a college campus for no apparent reason since i was already attending  a perfectly good college and all of a sudden walking down the street { despite the rain and homeless people all over the place} i just got this vision of myself being there on a warm sunny day walking down the street on my way somewhere. in a state i'd never been to before nor had ever had the urge to live in. and off i went.

i've started friendships with people, made phone calls, turned left instead of right...all because i got these feelings.

sooo back to my point here. once upon a time, a few months ago, i had a vision of myself in the future happily in a relationship with my brothers best friend from college.


like legit, i felt it. like that feeling when you're doing something completely mundane with someone you care about and are totally and ridiculously happy in that moment.

weird, i know.

wanna know what's weirder?
{ is weirder a word by the way? no matter }

what's weirder is that we've never even met up to that point.

again, weird, i know.
not even once. i have no idea how since i had visited my brother at school and went to his graduation and met his other friends, and they had even come to visit us at our home on more than one occasion but never once had i met this guy. i'd heard my brother on the phone with him, i'd make comments and say hello, I randomly facebook friended him one day weeks before this thing happend just because i thought it was weird that he was such a part of my brothers life, and i really wasn't even sure what he looked like.

but there i was, completely convinced that i had a future with him.

AND you know what else is weird?

i randomly told my sister about it and was like "blah, blah, blah, insert his first name here blahblahblah insert his nickname here" ( notice that i used his first name and then his nickname, the nickname is what did us in here) and she says to me ...."Sarah, i had this feeling the other day that you were going to be in a relationship with someone named inserthisnicknamehere and i said to myself but Sarahs never mentioned anyone she knows with that name before...and now you are!"

yep, my sister believes in feelings too.

and then i met him. and you know what? i agreed with my subconscious.

like taylor sings:

{  It was enchanting to meet you, all I know is I was enchanted to meet you }

i really was. i really am.

it turns out that he is actually every thing i ever knew and didn't know i wanted in my dream guy.
and that was just after a weekend of spending time with him and my brother.

so i did the only logical thing there was to do:

i told him that we were meant to be.

yep. completely normal. let it be known that i have no concept of boundaries when i am interested in someone. i put it all out there. heart first.

so since then we talk, here there, randomly about things and it makes my heart happy every time. and he apparently doesn't think i'm crazy about this idea that one day in the future the timings going to work itself out and we're going to fall madly in love. my parents think it's a great idea, and love him. my dad really believes it's going to happen which says a lot about this whole thing because for the last ten years he's been telling me I was going to end up with my high school boyfriend so I shouldn't get too invested in any of my other relationships in the meantime. yep, so you know the fact that he now seriously believes in this match up makes it for real.

so who knows what will happen. maybe we're meant to be or maybe we aren't but i like to believe in things. and considering i make reference to our future life together every time i talk to him and he is still talking to me, maybe he doesn't think it's too far out there in the realm of possibilities.'s hoping..because i think it would make a really good  lovestory to tell at our wedding ;)

what do you think? am i a little nuts?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams




  1. This post makes my heart happy. I hope it works out because everyone deserves to have the butterflies!

  2. I def believe in signs and feelings. While they might not always turn out to be the happy ever after feelings it's usually best to follow my gut. Good luck!

  3. Sometimes I think when you know, you know!! Good luck! I hope it works out like you want it to!


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