Tuesday, February 28, 2012

who's a slacky slacker? oh right, me.

guys. i've been a little bit slacking on my blogging lately and i'm SO sorry. i think i blogged twice last week!! unbelievable!

i feel so tired lately, and really for now reason. i was off of work all week last week, and exhausted the week before from getting adjusted to working again, and apparently this week i need some adjusting as well. wompwomp.

anyway, today i had a good hair day, and two students told me they liked me shoes, and another one said i always look so adorable every day....

...i don't know if im totally okay with girls ten years younger than me saying i look "adorable" when i'm supposed to be the adult in the room but ehhh, ill take compliments wherever i can get them.

i also gained popularity points when they noticed two of my tattoos (the only ones that are sometimes visible), spent the majority of one period cracking up every five minutes because of the jokes we were all making, giving back just as much as i got,  and watching the honey badger video with them.

i totally have a post in the works..{ maybe a series? } that i'm planning on calling:

"man, high school is SO awkward: what i'm learning my second time around"

i'll sum it up for you: i'm super glad im not still in it.

random, but i cannot believe titanic is coming out in 3-d. that's so weird to me..and spoiler alert: it sinks.

i'm contemplating wearing leggings to work tomorrow. probably not acceptable attire but...i might just do it anyway.

i'm also super into updos lately, with my hair straight or my natural curly mop

i heard a new Jason mraz song this morning that i loved but have no idea what it's called. also that coldplay song, paradise? love.

i had to ask my students what 32 divided by 4 was today. they all pulled out their phones so tell me..i don't know who is worse off in that situation. they did give me their varying opinions on almond milk though and helped me decide on a brand.

does anyone have any suggestions on helping stimulate my hair growth? im have a desperate desire to have super long layers. my biotin pills aren't cutting it.

im loving my steel grey shade rimmel nail polish..super similar to chinchilly from essie.

what other random thought can i share with you?...

oh, i hate facial hair. on myself not guys. like despise itttt and i feel like i can't get rid of it no matter how many times i go at my face with a tweezer. has anyone had electrolysis done and recommends it?

ok, i think that sums up my random post for today :)

promise i'll be back with more substance soon

happy midweek lovebugs!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



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  1. The Jason Mraz song is Won't Give Up. I love it!

    As for hair growth, prenatal vitamins are great for hair/nail growth. And WalMart usually has them cheaper than a drug store.


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