Friday, January 13, 2012

friday randoms

it's 2:30 am and i have tons of randoms i'd like to share with ya'll

{ weird how i just typed said ya'll like i say it on the reg right?} 

yeah...whatev don't judge. or do, because i liked it anyway

one: the current #1 keyword search that directs people to my blog is: "old hooker"

because of this post
with this picture:


i randomly left my apartment on Monday morning, 
no one {including my roommate} non the wiser
and traveled back home so my parents could take pity on me hacking up a lung while i cough my head off 
and hopefully feed my and do my laundry 

{sidenote: i actually always do my own laundry, because i feel reallllly uncomfortable with having to subject someone else to handle my dirty clothes BUT the laundry room at home is practically outside since it's next to the doggy door so it's usually -58 degrees down there and my dad has rules about us being sick and going down there--thus my laundry got washed for me.....but i did fold it all.
ok spoiled child explanation over.} 

i'm glad to say i have thus far been successful with this plan of mine. 

please keep in mind i moved out of my house officially two weeks ago today...sooo for anyone who's keeping track that makes it less than 14 days i managed to survive "on my own" 



things i've thought about during all the free time i had this week..and last know between job hunting, sleeping, watching every episode of dexter seasons 1-4 and hopping from home to hotel using other peoples hot water { and internet } 

1. i am over skinny jeans. there i said it. the only thing i've decided i actually like skinny jeans for is when wearing knee high boots. besides that i am done with them. which is why i went on a slightly stalker like hunt for some old fashioned flare { apparently now referred to as bootcut} jeans and happily acquired two pairs at old navy. let's be real..unless you're actually someone who looks like a twig, skinny jeans are not universally flattering. #realtalk from the girl who is far from twig status. 

2. old navy jeans are actually fantastic these days. gone are the awkward only two choices to pick from washed out straight legged to the weird ankle jeans. i've been wearing "the flirt" for some time now and my new bootcuts are "the dreamer". which more accurately describes me anyway so wins all around. lucky all you ladies who can afford those sevens and whatnot...i'm ok spending less than $30 on these babies.

3. target boyfriend tshirts are way better than old navy ones..yep. and there you thought i was all over the old navy bandwagon. they're longer, cheaper, and may i dare think even better quality? yep.

4. i haven't worn my hair curly in FOREVER. i dont mean like smooth curly, or even wavy with my straightener, i mean like my natural crazy textured curly. anddd i really didnt realize how short i cut my hair until like...yesterday. my b. time for it to grow super fast now. 

5. why are people so lacking in social graces? i assure you that dropping the f bomb every other word in your conversation does not make you attractive. or make you sound intelligent. or...anything. oh and in case you wanted someone else to back me up on this, no worries. cosmo did in the february issue. or glamour. i forget but i read them both yesterday and one of them totally said it was a major turn off to guys when they meet you. keep it classy, no? toss in some please and thank you's. excuse me's would be nice too. use a softer tone and try the "kill them with kindness" route before the "curse them out and call them names" routine. it's a much better look.

6. speaking of glamour, i stumbled on a blog from a fellow rhody dweller {av}
and her blog {longdistanceloving} where one of her posts the magazine that saved my life
caught my eye. long story {not so} short, an article she read in glamour led her to get a mole checked out and it turned out that she had melanoma as a young twenty something. she had been a regular tanner and sun  worshipper. now i love a tan as much as the next girl, but because of these articles in glamour i quit tanning a little over a year ago...up til then i had religiously been going every single day since college. i'll be the first to admit laying out on the beach all day, or in a tanning bed for however long was relaxing, and some guaranteed time that i would not be bothered by the outside world. i felt better, sometimes napped for a quick minute, and loved how my skin looked.

BUT let's be real. i also have a suspicious mole that caught my eye a few years ago and i was also told to keep an eye on it..and i've also seen similar ones in those glamour articles to the one or two that have me a little worried about. SO i use sunscreen now..seriously. i don't sit out until i look like a lobster. i wear a hat and a cover up. i cringe when i think of the years and years worth of damage ive done to myself every single time i've laid out til i burned. i'll stick to my self tanners, or spray tan or... {gasp} stick with my natural shade... so be careful out there lovebugs.. life's precious enough { and dangerous enough} as is without having to add other ways for it to be cut short...but you know, to each his own. end off...don't be a fool wrap your tool, never underestimate the power of a good manicure and a kind smile, remember to be extra kind to young children and servers, don't forget everyone else may be fighting a harder battle, wash your hands, chew with your mouth closed, appreciate your hot water and internet, take the stairs instead of the elevator, laugh a lot, if you can make it yourself-don't buy  it, surround yourself with positive people, don't go home with strangers, andddd if anyone has someone lovely they'd like to set me up with in the rhode island/ mass area please help a girl out.

that concludes all the random things i've thought of this week, thanks to my excessive free time, studying of glamour & cosmo, and having access to internet for consecutive hours at a time.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. I think blogs are conducive to the usage of "y'all" - I never say it in real life but I write it on my blog a lot. I also never refer to people as "my bitches" in real life, but I do on my blog. I have no idea!

    Loved the list of randomness.

  2. Don't forget to stop by, I tagged you in 11 things about me!


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