Thursday, January 26, 2012

just a spooooon full of sugarrrrr's no secret that i have slight add when it comes to finding myself gainful employment.

i just happen to like to do a lot of things. A LOT. i like to consider myself a jack of all trades.

i cook. i read. i write. i craft. i have dance parties.i bake. i sit in the sunshine. i play uno. i love kids. i collect sunglasses. i like to meet people.i bake. i like to buy things. i like to do my nails. i like to hunt for treasure. i like to learn things.

...i like to do a lot. yep. soooo

i have a food service management degree.
i have a resturant management degree.
i have a teaching degree.

...and i would really like to be a modern day mary poppins.

is that ok?

i want to play with kids, and teach them manners, common sense and how to be kind and good.
i want to be a part of what makes them happy. i want to explore and have adventures, and be creative and enjoy life with eyes that see everything as shiny and new and not hard and cruel. i want to do a little bit of everything and not worry about the politics of working in an office or fighting it out to beat someone else for a promotion.

has any one seen that royal pains episode with the nanny who's a superhero for her little charge?

i want to be like that. it's more than just being a babysitter you know. you're making a difference in a child's life.

i have so many dreams and hopes for my future, and i wouldn't mind spending some time doing that. or playing with puppies. or selling cupcakes...or....anything else i like to do.

(i may or may not have been reading a whole lot of books lately too...tomorrow i'll probably want to be a detective or doctor)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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