Wednesday, January 25, 2012


i have internet!
i have cable!
 i have hot water!
and a stove that works!


and now i have SO much to catch you all up on, now that i can blog my little heart off on my own time and not when im sitting on someone else's computer trying to think of something witty to say quickly.

yayyyy, stay tuned!

also, wouldn't you know that i happen to look like the grossest most unattractive version of myself the one time the service man who came to set up my cable was adorable, seemingly normal, and about my


ok, check back later xo


  1. It always seems to happen that way, bummer! Is the signal going out again....ha?

  2. woohoo for getting the internet (and you blogging again!) its sad but i can't imagine my life without the interent...i'm addicted!


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