Monday, January 2, 2012

ahhhh!! blogger withdrawals!!!

hello, hello lovebugs!!!!!!!

i moved!

i don't have internet!

or an iphone!

so i am having blogger withdrawals!!!

i've missed you!! 

how are you all? how was your new years?! 
mine was fabulous, i wore a very sparkly dress and eventually stopped worrying about how short it was haha. very out of my comfort zone.


i moved to providence, do not have furniture, and am sleeping on a giant queen sized air mattress

i am figuring out my job situation, wondering if i made the right choice and miss my family. 

BUT i am so oddly happy at the same time. i'm a mix of feelings. 

i feel like i'm on vacation and keep expecting to have to go home soon, haha

i've been sick for over a week, so that's kind of a damper, i feel so much better now but have a cough that will not quit. womp. 

pleasee catch me up on your lives!! i'm at my friends house right now using using her internet, so my updates may be spotty for a little while until i get my own set up, but i'm trying my best to catch up on all your going on's. 

Happy 2012 lovebugs!!! i have SO many things planned for this year, i'll be sharing some of that news soon :) 

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Love your dress! Super cute!!!

  2. Good luck getting all settled! And your dress is amazing!

  3. You are only second guessing the move because you dont have a job yet, and you dont have internet. if you had both of those things you would feel much more connected to the world and more settled. We can go visit your fam some weekend. Ill bring the gat! :)

  4. First off, cuteeee dress. Second, don't worry about not having internet, you're not missing much. ;) It's probably nice having a little internet break!

    good luck getting all settled in!

  5. That dress is soooo cute on you!! Enjoy a nice little break from blog land! haha..See you soon! :D

  6. Yayy! hope you're enjoying your new digs. I am moving to your hometown in a month...figures. At least I can keep up with you here. I'm happy you're putting your wit to good use.


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