Wednesday, January 11, 2012

never again will i take having hot water for granted

  Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. 
Maybe, you have to let go of who you were 
to become who you will be -- SaTC

Hello, hello my little lovebugs!! and 
welcome to the new faces i see somewhere over there ---->
thanks for visiting me ( and sticking with me!) when i've been so sporadic with my posts lately!

let's play catch up shall we? 
i've been on blogging hiatus for entirely too long and NOT by choice and it's making me oh so very sad..
im literally having withdrawals from not being able to stalk all of you or pin tons of things i think i can make, see, look like, travel to at all hours of the day or night to my hearts content on my pinterest.
i missed out on my favorite link ups, have gotten news about blog friends days later and am overall way behind.

SO sad. 

time for a recap:

i moved. i have experienced some glitches with things i have always expected to have on a daily basis...

such as: gas..a job.

yes yes i realize cable and internet are actually luxuries but so what? i like having them, and currently do not. 

i also don't want to have them set up yet without being gainfully employed..but working on that theory i should probably also not have rented an apartment and moved to another state for the same reasons. 
apparently my roommate has lived without them for the entire time he's lived in the apt and how he has is beyond me..but maybe he's not as obsessed with pining and other thing i spend hours online doing.

hot water & cooking gas. i do not have these. i haven't since the day i moved in. please take a moment to think that over. due to personal reasons that aren't mine to discuss b/w my roommate and his former roommate, the gas company decided to turn off the gas in our apt. had i fully understood what that meant i probably wouldn't have moved in so quickly...but you know, unless someone has a time machine to lend me there's really no point in dwelling on that....

but please imagine what it's like to a. take a freezing cold shower if you would like to bathe...b. heat up container upon container of water in the microwave until you have enough to clean yourself or c. visit your other friends every day who will take pity on you and let you shower at their homes.

not good. maybe i'm a spoiled brat but i enjoy hot water. and showering daily. and in my own home. sooo this hasn't really helped make my transition as smooth as i would've liked. 
as my brother put it when he came to visit me this past weekend "i showered better in peru and THERE i had to poop in a hole in the ground" 
tmi? maybe. 

and because there's no gas, i can't cook anything, unless it's in the microwave. do you know how annoying it is to go grocery shopping and have to think of only things you can eat as is or in the microwave so you don't waste tons of money on one time only fast food meals? annoying.

also, as the girl who's always sick, i've been sick since before christmas. so for anyone who's counting that's made me have some awful illness every three weeks for the last six months. yep. soo i'm a big baby and ran away from my no hot water home and drove the three hours to go have my parents take care of me at my home home and visit my doctor so he can laugh at me and hear for himself what i sound like...he was impressed. said so himself " you know for a NON smoker, you have a great smokers cough"
(disclaimer: before i re-read this again a few hours later, i didnt notice i left out the NON part in NON smoker. )

thanks doc. now give me more meds. 

so here i am at home, not less than two weeks after i packed my stuff and moved away from it, determined to set out on my own. and even better than that is that i didnt even tell anyone here or there that i was gone. except my roommate who i told after i had already gotten home and that was because i wanted him to eat the already made food that i left so it wouldnt be a total waste.

the ridiculousness of my life right now is not lost on me. 

anywho...what's up with you guys? i hope the new year is treating you all well :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


oh and P.S. stay tuned because I'm hosting my very first giveaway during this week!! 


  1. Oh my goodness I am so sorry about your hot water and gas issue. I hope it works out soon! It does make for a great story to tell your kids one day. Our old apartment we would lose our hot water anytime there was wind. It was so annoying. I do not do well with cold showers. I turn in to the devil.

    Mrs. Monologues

  2. Where ARE you???

    I'm like you - only ever been spoiled with things like cable and hot water 24/7. I recognize that I (we) live a good life...but it doesn't mean I want to leave it anytime soon to be made appreciative.

    Hope things get better!

  3. Great style and good taste.


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