Thursday, January 12, 2012

thank you for entertaining my constant ramblings lovebugs!

ok way back when i only had twenty or so followers 
(and was so very happy to have you!) 
Christy  from Sunshine & Pickles approached me about hosting a giveaway

me? host a giveaway? on my little old blog? 

sure why not. 

i'm a sucker for giveaways. i want to win every single one of them. no matter what the prize is i just want to win. when i was little i used to dutifully write out my index cards to send in to teen beat to win whatever random thing they were giving away..
once i won a neutrogena moisturizer and a jonathan taylor thomas tshirt...

highlight of my life. 

it was a sad day when i left it in my gym locker only to discover it was stolen two days later. 

anyway, i here i am with 60+ followers and it's time to say thank you to you lovebugs!
 for coming back and reading my ramblings day after day, and thinking i was worth getting to know 
{ too bad i can't find some cute guy to feel the same way }:) 

i started blogging, just to get my thoughts out of my own head and now here i am, happily typing away and considering the time i get to sit down and blog my little heart out one of the best parts of my day 

so without furth ado: i give youuuuuu

my very first giveaway!! 

brought to you by the lovely Christy

have any of you heard of Scentsy?

Scentsy is a safe wickless alternative to scented candles which i love because i live in fear that i will burn my house down when i have regular candles lit

i was skeptical about it after having not so much luck with both yankee candle air freshners and bath & body works..BUT now i have been converted!

Christy let me pick a warmer and scent of my choice to try out and get an idea of what Scentsy was all about

i chose the Crinkle full size warmer

and the My Wish Scentsy Bar

I am SO pleased with my picks! the warmer is gorgeous and looks lovely in my room.
Within seconds ( i kid you not) the entire smell and mood of my apartment changed. My home smelled homey, my warmer gives off an welcoming glow and random bonus --it doubles as a night light!! 
( because yes, i am 26 and afraid of the dark) 

ok so here's the scoop: Christy offered to give one lucky follower of mine 
a plug in warmer and scent bar of their choice!

Here are some of my would be picks: 

The Zebra plug in 
i can think of one..(or ten) ladies i know who would love this one

The Shasta Daisy plug in

Flutter Scent bar
Any of the Seven Seas line 
like Coconut Lemongrass

or Amalfi Coast

anddd pretty much every other scent and warmer there is! 

Wanna win? you know you do!!

Here's what you have to do:

{ Mandatory }

You MUST be a follower of mine on Google Friend Connect ...

i know a whole lot of people read my blog on their own and then let me know through facebook or text which i love, be here look it's easy to follow me on the reg, just click on the button somewhere on that side of my page -------->
and leave me a comment letting me know, i love getting comments :) (1 entry)

Head on over to Christy's Scentsy page and look over all the goodies, then leave me a comment telling me which plug in and scent bar you would want if you won (1 entry) 

 Extra Entries:

Go show Christy some blog love over at Sunshine & Pickles! Everyone loves to get support from new smiling faces so follow her, then leave me a comment telling me you did 
( 1 Entry)

Follow me on twitter (1 Entry)

Tweet, tweet about it! i even already wrote it out for you :)  and then let me know (1 entry)
" check out the  giveaway  is having on :) gotta be in it to win it! "

This giveaway will be open until next Friday 1/20 
then i'll choose a random winner ( with a random # generator) and announce it!

{ Leave each comment separately please
so you can get as many entries as possible }

Remember lovebugs, you've gotta be in it to win it :)

this one's worth it, promise 
anddd you might get a little extra surprise with yours!
and if you're like me, youll end up being hooked and send lots of business Christy's way pretty soon, haha

Thanks again Christy!!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. WELCOME BACK ! ive certainly DO have a lot of catching up to do :)

    im allergic alright not allergic, but each time i go into the yankee candle stores? i need to get out. too strong for me lol

  2. Sooooo totally DID NOT know that I wasn't already following you.... but it's fixed now :)

  3. I love all of the plug ins from the botanical collection! And I think I would like to try the white sands bar.

  4. I already follow you on the tweeeeeeter :)

  5. Congrats on 60+ followers!!! :) I'm a follower!

  6. I've been dying to get that cupcake warmer but there's so many other cute ones to choose from! and I'm really curious to smell the Autumn Sunset scent.

  7. I'm a twitter follower! (@jeyreycupcake)

  8. I would get the zebra plug in with central park pralines mmmmm

  9. I am a follower! :) Saw your blog from Jenn's tweet!

  10. of course I follow your blog :)

  11. I would love the zebra plug in with central park pralines. love those kind of smells :)

  12. i sent a follow request to follow you twitter...thought i already did :P (@randy33)

  13. I follow! I would pick the Sand dollar plug-in with the "ocean" or "thunderstorm" scents!


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