Friday, January 6, 2012

hot food, hot water

hi lovebugs!!

does anyone have any good crock pot recipe suggestions?

i'm having a slight issue with the stove sooo i've been having to be resourceful with eating fresh food or things i can make in the microwave.

then after visiting a friend last night, who made me a delicious dinner using her slow cooker, it occured to me i should start using mine. 

so, any suggestions? 

anyway...whats happening in this new year? 

apparently, the world is going to end (if you believe in those sort of things) so maybe we should make this one count, no?

anyway. i read a lot of new years resolutions and i can't say ive really made any...really every year i say ill do a whole bunch of  things BUT i never i'd rather not disappoint myself with failing in the specifics.

maybe i can just make general statements? 

i...will be happier
i...will be healthier
i...will save more
i...will spend less
i ...will fall in love-- with myself, with my friends, with a boy, with life
i...will appreciate my family 
i...will eat less red meat
i...will be more active

that's all for now :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. Italian Beef: Bottom Roast, a can of beer, and a jar of banana peppers.... low for 8 hours...sometimes i add water. amazing!!!


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