Tuesday, June 12, 2012

blog star: hi i'm sarah!

hi guys! thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world.
that's me!
  I'm a 20 something lover of books, braids, blogs, big sunglasses, bows, top knots, tie dye, road trips, cooking, my life & a cold glass of wine. im awesome, true story. i'm still trying to figure out what i want to be "when i grow up", but in the meantime i love crafting, blogging, imagining, cooking and thinking of every day as a new adventure.

i recently changed the name of my blog to :
 pretty goes with everything
because it really does.
i don't mean being pretty as in your looks, i'm talking about something deeper than that. being pretty is about how you carry yourself when you go out into the world, how you treat others, looking at every day like a new adventure, and making the very most of this life.
I'm from NY,went to college in RI, left, missed New England and moved back recently. I'm a teacher by trade and a dreamer, baker, blogger, traveler and diy-er at heart. I want to be and do a million things in my life because really, life is short and you're never too old to learn something new or start a new adventure, big or small.

I just opened up my very own etsy shop, pretty goes with everything

where I plan on selling lots of my handmade crafts, (thanks pinterest) but for now i'm starting small with hair bows. I hate going to stores and seeing things I could totally make myself, so I just started figuring out how to do things myself and love it so much so I figured I should try to share it with the world.
I can spend the entire day at the beach with a book, am sure I would love camping even though I've never been and have learning how to surf on my list of things to check off my list this summer. I come from a close family and it's not uncommon for me to speak to them all day about totally random things. I adore my friends that I've collected from all over the place, and regardless of if i've known them for just a few months, or my entire life, I know I have a handful that I can count on to be there forever.

Random things about me: I laugh at everything, like to bag my own groceries, have epic dance parties every time I'm in the car, july 4th is my favorite holiday because it was supposed to be my birthday, feel prettiest when I wake up in the morning, I dislike using capital letters even though I am a teacher, and I (not so) secretly want to be on a dance crew even though I have no rhythm and also be part of a flash mob.  i also may or may not have just copied and pasted some of this off my match.com profile (hahaha, the point is the same right? to meet new people..don't judge me)

well...it's been real, hope you enjoyed meeting me, come by again soon :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I love blogs and braids too! I wear a braid in my hair a lot and people know it as my happy braid!

  2. i love the new blog name :)

    we should totally start a dance crew but i have to warn you, i have ZERO rhythm though i believe there's no "wrong way" to dance, as long as you have courage to do so and are wearing a smile. :) let's do it!

    also, can you teach me how to feel prettiest in the morning? how is that possible, cute girl?! :)


    ps. LOVE that you took from your profile... GENIUS! hahaha


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