Thursday, June 14, 2012

it's ok

Its Ok Thursdays

it's ok

... to be SO glad to say good bye to farrah and amber, but a little sad to see maci, caitlynn and tyler go.

... that i just referred to them like i know them in real life
... that i have 3 college degrees and i've just started a job as a server. i need the money, the experience, a somewhat set schedule and to be around people who were born mostly in the 80's. nothing wrong with some honest work.

... that i ate rice pudding for dinner. yum. don't judge me.

... that i miss my family and cried when i started sorting my pictures to put around my apartment.

... that the majority of my tweets are about being single, drinking wine, wonka, and whatever tv show i happen to be watching at that very moment.

... to leave yourself positive notes of encouragment

... to put things on my to do list that i already did, just because i feel accomplished when i get to check something  ahead start.
... that the highlight of my week was getting my giant hook in the mail from the container store. i can't reach the shelf or rod in my closet, which has left most of my clothes in piles on the floor.  #shortgirlproblems.
... that my favorite bathing suit is from walmart. legit. if you've never scoped out the suits there, you're missing out. get going.

... that the majority of my favorite shows are about serial killers (criminal minds) or about teen angst (PLL, awkward, teen wolf) or aliens (falling skies).

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



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  1. i love making to-do lists of things i already accomplished just to cross them off :)

    cute blog!


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