Monday, June 4, 2012

dear monday

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i'm participating in 2 link ups today....because why not?
dear monday with megan & mingle monday with meg
dear monday: it's gross and raining outside. i confess i had lots of plans for the day but instead have been watching movies snuggled up on my couch. i think i needed it.
dear hair: i confess, i think i want to go blonde again. sooo thanks for still being on my head considering i have had hair color committment issues, since i was 10.

dear miss usa 2012: yayy, you're a girl after my own heart and it doesn't hurt that you're repping my 2nd home, the lovely state of little rhody. wish we could be irl friends.

dear buffalo chicken pasta: you were delish. i really should never go out to eat ever, considering i usually go home and make it myself anyway.

dear miley cyrus: why do you look so dirty in the last song? even the parts when you aren't doing something that makes sense for you to look dirty.

dear mind, body & soul: i think we need to work together to get it together. mind over matter right?

dear romantic comedies, disney movies, lovesongs, & every other situation with a magical love at first sight ending: you're simultaneously making me hate you and hold out hope for you at the same time.

and now, i need to nap again. sooo, bye :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. Nice letters! I have a love/hate relationships with romantic comedies too. I can't decide whether they're too stupid for words or awesome. The last one I saw "Kate and Leopold"--I loved. It had Hugh Jackman in it, which helped. Love songs, on the other hand, country love songs, make me cry every time I hear them.


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