Friday, June 1, 2012

friday's letters


dear random facebook friends: why are we friends? i don't like you in real life, so why did i accept your friend request?( or am even guilty of sending a friend request to you) i think we should break up. it's not you, it's me.... but it's really you. dear suncreen: you did your best, you really did. i sort of foiled your plan by sitting in the sun for hours longer than expected. i'll try harder next time, promise. dear everyone i know: please stop being so reckless with your lives. in the last few months i have known entirely too many people who have died from things out of their control. one of my former students is only 17 and was just diagnosed with lukemia. she's the second one of my students in my year and a half of teaching. and it's just not fair. so please, stop being so reckless with your lives. life is precious.  dear whoever makes these decisions: why do you make bad things happen to people with so much left to give the world? it's just not fair. dear let's get it together. you have my parameters so why did i get matched with a man going through gender reassignment surgery to become a woman? how does that even make sense on here? dear rufus: i would like to adopt you, but i don't have a yard. you're adorable though, and i really really reallllly want you to come live with me. really. dear rhode island: why don't you have pizza or bagels that compare to the ones i was raised with in new york? let's face it, there's no place like home. dear my adorable little apartment: you're perfect and i never, ever want to leave you. thanks for being all mine. dear mom, dad & andrew: every time you come to visit me, i never want you to leave. i miss you, even though i don't want to ever move back home. dear everyone i know, again: sorry for always talking about wanting a boyfriend, searching for a boyfriends, waiting for a boyfriend, and everything else boyfriend-less related. i'm gonna tone it down a bit. okay, well i'll try. it'll happen right? right. and when i do i hope he's as amazing as this guy. click that, you wont be sorry, it;s amazinggg. dearest accessory monster shoppers such as myself: want to shop for some gorg jewelry? my friend julie & i are hosting an online party starting on saturday the 8th and will be open until the end of the month so please check it out if you loveeee pretty things as much as i do, pretty pretty shiny things!. and last but most definitely not least, dear my seemingly endless bottles of moscato: thanks for being so crisp and delicious when i need you. yums.

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with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams




  1. random facebook friends. YES. WHO are you?! found you via the link up xo

  2. haha love the letters. and AMEN on the "please stop being reckless with your lives"


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