Friday, June 8, 2012

friday's letters


dear blue crush: you have some seriously bad acting going on. and yet i can't stop watching time and time again. dear guy upstairs: where do you go every morning at 4:45 and then return around 5:15. i want to know. one of these days im going to open my door and ask you...hope it doesn't freak you out to know i'm up every morning and noticed this happening. dear carly rae jepsen: thanks for making call me maybe. it's perfectly cheesy 80's chic. i love it immensely and have gotten almost everyone i know to love it too. dear new job: please don't be awful & make me hate my life. let me make lots of money instead, pleassse & thankyou. dear droid:either you or an iphone will be coming into my know, after i pay my rent, the money i owe to various people and have money to spend on something i don't need. dear miami: i'll be seeing you soo soon. and for free, thank goodness. i cannot. wait. now i just need to scrounge up some spending money and i'll be good to go. dear blythe at toni & guy: i spent a solid 3.5 hrs in your chair and didn't feel like you were forcing me to make small talk or buy products i couldn't afford. you gave me highlights that are barely noticeable but totally what i wanted, and tossed in an inside out braid for fun. it also helped that you just kept saying nice things to me that sounded honest and not forced when i was having a not so great day. ill be back, and ill even buy some of those things you put in my hair that left me smelling like pineapples and yumminess. dear insomnia: we have to stop meeting like this, i'm sleepy. dear 50 shades of grey & 50 shades darker: do people really have that much sex? let's forget all the extra stuff in the book, how are they walking around normally with all the sexing going on?! dear 50 shades free: im going to go scoop you up today so i can see how it all ends, i hate suspense. dear pink lipstick: i put you on when im cleaning the house. who says i can't make up special occasions to wear you?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams




  1. nope, no one has as much sex as they do in the "50 Shades" book. physically impossible.

  2. my little angel, i love your post today. i hope you don't mind if i use this same style for a scrapbook one day; hopefully you understand that you are INSPIRING me to do use it as you are a wonderful, beautiful person, one I consider myself lucky to call 'sister'.

  3. There is absolutely no way in hell that someone is having that much sex! I call b.s.!!


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