Friday, June 29, 2012

it's ok & thankful thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

i should probably start with what i'm thankful for since i'm in a bad mood after getting home from work and should probably start off on a semi happy note.

i'm thankful for...

... my job. because a few weeks ago I was worried about how I was going to make my rent and today I was actually able to tell my dad I didn't need to borrow any money from them parents, because I could ask them to help me no matter what

... the free trip to miami i'm going on in two weeks to attend my sororitys convention. i am SO excited!!!

... sunscreen, because my skin cannot handle another sunburn

... my best friend candice. she never tells me im being rediculous, she laughs at my jokes, and she never hold is against me even if weeks go by and we haven't spoken.

and it's ok...

... that i got a complaint tonight and it really made me feel sad, and embarassed.

... that i didn't paint my nails and didn't realize it until i was running plates to a table

...that i don't want to waste money on groceries since i bring home food from work every day now

... that i really forget how old i am until someone asks me. and then i just feel confused about it

... that my hair is making me crazy. seriously crazy. today i put it in a messy bun and wore a neon purple headband because i couldn't deal with it. it's just growing out and not down. redic.

... that i sort of wish i watched the old dallas so maybe this new one would make more sense to me. or maybe i need to be from texas? idk.

... that i've been cracking up reading this tumblr account. legit, between this one and suri's burn book i could be entertained for hours.
... that i really think that there are more important things in life than talking about how drunk or high you got yesterday, last week or this morning.
... that i miss home. but i don't ever want to move back.

... that the highlight of my shift tonight was the premeal tastings of our new margaritas. too bad i couldn't have a whole one. or five.

... that i can simualtaneously be really happy for my friends who are in the process of planning their weddings, have just gotten married, are having babies, moving in together, or are recently engaged, but also want to kick the next person who tells me it'll happen when im not expecting it. it's been two years since my last serious relationship. i've been "not expecting it" for quite some time now.

... that i'd rather have a solid book in my hands than an e reader. i've used mine approximately 8 times. maybe.

... to have a glass of wine (or two)  after work. i'm such a rebel.
with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams




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  1. You have such a fun attitude. I wish I was going on a nice vacation. I could use a getaway.

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