Monday, June 4, 2012

a list.

i'm putting this out there, so maybe someone else can help hold me accountable...maybe.

1. i will lose 20 lbs by september. IN A HEALTHY WAY. if i lose more, then that would be great. but i'm definitely at an unhealthy weight right now and that's not okay. i'm young, but i'm not young enough. i need to stop saying i'll try again next week, next month, next year, and start doing something about it right now.

2. i will do some sort of exercise every day instead of sitting on the couch: playing wii tennis, zumba, lifting weights on commercial breaks, walking around my neighborhood, going to the gym i've been paying a membership to...anything. there's a difference between taking time to relax and just being lazy.

3. no more soda: water, water, water with the occasional wine in there. because i can treat myself every now and then

4. no more ridiculous spending. the only purchases that are going on my credit card are gas and groceries. i can't afford it. my parents can't afford it. who do i think i am anyway? a spoiled grown up that still acts like a kid. i'm ridiculous.

5. focus on the good things about myself: is my hair straight? who cares. do i have a boyfriend? it doesn't matter. am i healthy and happy? that's what counts. so i better put effort into working on those instead.

6. i will find a job. and i will enjoy it. even if it's not what i really want to do. because let's be real, i have NO idea what it is i really want to do. and i have three degrees that i paid way too much money to get and are just gathering dust on a wall in my parents house. time to grow up, and learn to provide for myself. my parents are getting older and it's not fair to them.

7. i will continue to do things that i DO love. because everyone needs that in their life. even if i can't make a living off any of my hobbies, atleast i have hobbies to keep me happy, feeling like i'm using my creativity somehow and keeping my mind active, that's what matters.

8. i will try something on my list of things i want to try, even if i may not be good at it, even if i might be terrified. if i don't try now, when will i?

9. i will try to stop being so afraid. i will find some help for my anxiety if it gets out of control and i think i can't handle it on my own.

10. i will cut people out of my life that only see the negative in life. i just can't have that around me anymore, it's exhausting. it's not so much about how many friends i have, and more about what they bring to my life. it takes just as much effort to be happy than it does to be miserable. stop judging everyone around you when you don't even know them. what do you gain by doing that?

11. i will look at everyone i come in contact with, with fresh eyes. no matter what i've heard of them, what they look like, what theyve done before that moment. treat everyone with an open heart & a clear mind. yep, new plan.

12. i will organize my closet. i know, this seems like a simple thing but for me it's huge. i have so much stuff. i buy things to make myself feel better, i buy things to celebrate anything, i keep things because they remind me of that moment when i was wearing it and something wonderful happened, i keep things because they remind me of how i felt at that moment. i need to simplify my closet. do a clean out. start fresh with my life. simplify my life.

i think this started as a summer to do list, but i think it turned into a life list...

oh well, it never hurts to look at your life and point out the areas you'd like to improve upon.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams




  1. Hi- Stopping by from Meg's Mingle Monday. I love your blog design and can definitely relate to your list. I'm also a 26 year-old single gal trying to figure out where to go in life. Numbers 5 and 9 are important things that I'm also working on. A dear friend of mine always tells me that you have to love yourself first, and that when you embrace your beautiful self, others will follow.
    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  2. Hi Sarah. I found your blog on Meg's Mingle Mondays. You are so open about yourself and your feelings that its inspiring. I think one of the most important things to remember is that you are aiming for something better and that you want more out of life. I struggle too with to-do lists and an uncertain future but I find that when I get back up from being down I'm pushing for more rather than settling. Life is worth living, so don't let it pass you by.

  3. rock it, rock this.. and when you feel like you can't.. rock it anyway.

    apparently i'm talking about rocks. I did not see that coming.

  4. #6 So me ... ugh. We could drink a lot of wine and talk about how I want to drop out of my Masters program and get a totally different BA.

    #12 Do it first! I can't tell you how liberating it was to clean out my closet, and as a bonus I made a killing on eBay!

    I like your list, a lot. I don't know if I am brave enough to post mine on my blog. :(


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