Friday, June 22, 2012

friday's letters.


fridays letters

dear giant fish at the beach today: you freaked me out. like i thought you were a seamonster because you were as long as my arm, and that i was hallucinating. good thing missy saw you afterwards as did the 10 people standing near us. dear everyone at the beach today: why did you feel the need to get so close to me when there's a whole wide beach around us. me no likey. especailly when we're in the water and you're spitting and kicking sand. it's like taking a bath with 100 people you don't know. you wouldn't actually do that in real life, so why do so many of us love to go to the beach? mind boggling i tell you. dear watchmen: it's 11 minutes into the movie and i already don't get it. why are you blue? literally. dear sunshine: you made me feel warm and sleepy at the very same time today. weird how that always happens. dear coworkers of mine: bear with me. i'm new. to you it's easy to punch in orders with abbreviations that are super confusing and sometimes don't make sense and carry trays of things that sizzle and pop at eye level...for me, not so much. but i'm trying. i also would love to know your secret way of reaching over the drink station with getting soaking wet. oh right, it's because none of you are 5'1. that river of liquid you all reach right over? it's at level with my chest and belly. dear self: let's be the most awesome server ever, ever, ever. make that money kid, lets go. dear abs: i wish i had some. how about i start doing sit ups daily and you wiggle out from under the layer of winter warmth i hide you behind hmm?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams,


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  1. Love the letters miss! found you over on ashleys page & wanted to say hello!

    Newest bloggy friend & follower of yours! :)

    Say hi back sometime?


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