Friday, June 29, 2012

friday's letters

dear mary kate olsen: you look like youre the same age as your boyfriends daughter. as in 11 years young. slightly creepy. (and a little trashy with the greasy hair and cig, no?)
exhibit a

dear blythe at toni & guy: i may be coming to see you in the morning. my hair's a mess. dear dad: were you serious when you said i should get a puppy? because i want one since riley lives with you. let's adopt rufus or chesterdear joe my landlord: i hope it's ok with you if i get a pet since i discovered yesterday that the girl across the hall from me, and the people on the second and third floor all actually have dogs. i'm thinking you just were kidding when you said no pets. dear girl who made me upset at work today: i know you were full of it when you complained about me to my manager and i hope you get a big pimple in the middle of your forehead on the morning you have to do something really important. because i know i didn't do what you said i did and therefore you were just fishing for a free giftcard. bite me. dear life: slow down. dear guy at work who talks about everyone and then asks me if i like them: um, first of all im new, so yes, i like everyone. second-- even if i didn't like someone, i definitely wouldn't be telling you. dear teen mom: why have i started watching you again? and why can't i look away. it's like watching a train wreck happening and not being able to look away. dear straightener: curlyhairdontcare. be like a bear and go hibernate..for the summer. hairissueslikewoah.

happy friday kiddies!

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Bitches at work make it hell dont they, shell get her just deserts dont you worry, pimples are just the beginning! Have fun at the hairdressers youll come out feeling like a new woman :)

  2. Great letters! I hope that lady gets a big pimple too, so not cool!

    Chester is adorable, but so is Rufus. It is so exciting that you might get a puppy! I hope your landlord was just joking :)

  3. Found you on the Friday's linkup! Cute blog! Happy to be a new follower!

  4. I loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  5. oh marykate! no!!!! So, I love the olsen girls but really, the older they get the more disappointed I am in them and how they portray themselves. Ugh. Loved your letters, thanks for linking up with me!


  6. BAHAHAHA - mary kate! I love this, thanks lady! Stop by and say hi sometime!

  7. That's Mary Kate's boyfriend?! Is it just me or does he slightly resemble Danny Tanner? Weird...

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND YOUR SASS!! and um. MK does look like an 11 year old. yikes!


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