Saturday, October 29, 2011

for halloween im dressing up as...

...the always sick kid.

So...I'm sick again.

Fun fact about me: I get sick A LOT. In elementary and middle school I used to go home sick practically every week. In high school I'd hit my max allowed 14 absences per semester super quick, in college I'd have to beg my professors to believe I was literally coughing up a lung in my bed and not hungover from too much partying and to please not drop me and excuse my 5th, 6th,... 10th absence from class, pleaseandthankyou.

As a semi grown up, my immune system has not gotten over's actually gotten worse. I have been sick for three weeks now. That's three weeks of weekend plans that I had been really looking forward to that I ended up having to miss out on. The dinner party I was so excited about? nope, couldnt breathe, couldn't go. My batman costume I got on september 1st? early planning be damned because I couldn't go to the party. The tinkerbell costume I worked so hard on to wear tonight? it's going to be turned into a ruffle thing for my bathroom counter, and maybe also a scarf. Nowadays, I don't just get a cold for a day or two, it's a full on illness: sinus infection, bronchitis, pnemonia, strep throat, the flu, anything- long lasting. I'm a frequent visitor at my Doctors office.

sadface, sadface, woe is meee. I was a preemie baby, born two and a half months before I was fully cooked, and got to hang out in the hospital for a little bit before I was finally able to go home. I was small enough to fit in my dads hand for pictures. no joke. picture thumbelina, that was me. If my lack of staying 100% healthy year round is the only side effect I had from all that, then I consider myself lucky.

Have a wonderful halloweekend loves, enjoy it for me while i'm dressing up as the sick kid, in bed.

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


oh and p.s. it snowed today.


  1. ahh! you poor dear. hope you are feeling much better soon!

    xoxo from china!

  2. hope you feel better soon! being sick is so not fun!

    new follower :)


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