Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween my pumpkins!
I, for one, happen to love halloween and spend months thinking of ideas about what I want to dress up as and can never make up my mind til the last minute. When I was little my parents used to make our costume and they were awesome! The last couple of years I've done a little of both- bought some, made some, threw together what I could find and made it work. Sadly, I've been sick so all my planning went to waste since I spent the Halloweekend in bed so neither my batgirl or tinkerbell costume got any use ( BIG SADFACE, I was super excited about both of them) but luckily today I was Minnie Mouse at work, even though I was pre warned that no one dresses up I still wore my handmade ears happpily

Anywhooo, here's a little trip through my halloweens past in pictures. Sadly I had the most awesome Pochahontas costume in the second grade that I can't find a picture of but I seriously loved it and would wear it again in a heartbeat. hmmm maybe next year I can bring it back in my grown up size.

my first year attempt as a cowgirl...this later turned into my costume of choice three years in a row with slight changes every year

Can & I, we got the gun holsters and everything

the following year I switched my hat, found a plaid shirt and added some bangle earrings...bc you know, cowgirls wear them.

I was either a hippie or nicole decide.

sailor girl!

arrrrrr...I loved being a pirate! I even had a heart shaped eye patch haha 
A pretty princess in kindergarten

today with my homemade minnie ears
at a costume themed sweet 16 in hs, as an least thought out costume ever, planned about two hours before I had to be there...also my most comfortable one since im wearing pjs and tank and my fave sneaks..might have to bring that one back
seriously, how cute am i? this was actually my flower girl dress from my aunts wedding
and because this is too adorable not to include, my brother as peter rabbit OR bugs bunny circa 1990
there's my eye patch, I'm gonna need to find a reason to wear it again
i was going for nicole richie as a hippie, because it's the same thing no?
anddd my two costumes from this year that are getting added to my stash for whenever I decide to have a costume party in the summer, because that seems like a good idea.

ok that was fun haha. I'm already thinking of ideas for next year! hope you're all enjoying your day and enjoying your candy! How adorable are these trick or treaters this year?! I saw a kid in a buzz lightyear costume that made my night. Also, one of my kids at work told me he was Jay Z...oooh the creativity!

Happy Halloween!
p.s if anyone ever needs a candy hander outer, feel free to give my dad a call. he is so funny when he answers the door to these trick or treaters that you would have no idea this morning he was really pushing us on the idea of handing out cough drops to gurantee the kids wouldn't come back next year.

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