Thursday, February 9, 2012

it's ok.

hi lovebugs, whats new?

it's time for another edition of "it's ok" thursday with neely & amber

Its Ok Thursdays

sooo, let's get to it shall we?

it's ok..

...that i had no idea a 5k was only 3 miles. i say ONLY 3 miles because i'm sure you normal, well adjusted superhero munchkins can run 3 miles like it's no big deal.

...that i on the other hand, used to cheat when being tested on the mile run in gym class. even during the practice runs. anddd i walked when i reached the curved part of the track. yep

...that besides the obvious fact that i never run, for fun or otherwise, i am registering to to
The Color Run in new york on august 25th. i pinned it a couple of days ago and jokingly said i'd do it if it was a real run...and it is. so if i'm going to run, atleas it'll be awesome right?
p.s. does anyone else want to do the one in new york with me? i'll even provide free room and board { or my parents will, but it's the same thing :) }

check it out here.

it's ok...

...that if you were to draw some conclusions about me according to the t.v. shows im currently obsessed with you mayyyy think im a 15 year old teenager : pretty little liars, once upon a time, the lying game, switched at birth...
...or you might think im a closet serial killer: criminal minds, bones, dexter, alcatraz, svu, csi...i could probably solve crimes like a pro now

... that i caved in on my "no more fast food" plan because i saw mcd's has the shamrock shakes back!...because while drinking it, i found a hair in it. andddd, now im back on the no fast food bandwagon. actually despise teen mom 2 because i think the girls are just awful and shouldnt be portrayed as role models but to have seriously enjoyed this recap of the latest episode shop for bathing suits to use as inspirations to go to the gym. hey, whatever works right?

whats up with you guys today?

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams




  1. Oh my gosh! True story: I lied and said I "forgot to bring my sneakers" the day I found out we were running the mile in P.E. Apparently it was mandatory to pass the class but I somehow got away with it.

  2. Ok I totally love PLL & Switched at Birth! And of course Dexter, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds...I'm actually just obsessed TV...and you have some great taste!


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