Friday, February 3, 2012

win a date with tad hamilton...or something like that.

hello lovelies!

happy friday and all that good stuff.

you know valentines day is coming up right? no, you didn't?! wellll let me just let you know that there is a day coming when all is right in the world and everyone loves everyone else, and mostly shows their love with chocolates, flowers and something sparkly.


for real, my favorite memory from the last few valentines days was mine last year and that was because i got cards from my little munchkins.

want to feel special during all major holidays and on your birthday? work with kids. that's my tip of the day for you.

anyway..I have the BEST giveaway for valentines day.

and everyone can enter it: single, taken, no worries i won't judge.

for one night, and ONE NIGHT ONLY I am giving away a date withhhhhh

{ drumroll pleaseeeeeee}

dundndundudundunnnnnn (those are my drum noises)

a date with my brother!!!!!

ok, ill give you all a minute to process this and get your excitement under control.

while i wait let me toss up some pics of my little binkaroo otherwise known to the rest of the world as drew, andrew, spanish, taz, tazzo,
and "your hot brother"
(yeah friends of mine, you know who you are)

meet: my brother, Andrew

isn't he so dapper?

this is him in his "casual" look

some pros of winning a date with my brother:

he has a LOT of friends

he can make you a drink, and serve it with a smile

he laughs a lot

if you had babies together, they'd look like this. how can you not love that face?!

here's a preview of what he'll look like in 35 years: still handsome!

he can make his hair do this. do i need to explain how awesome that is?

he likes kids

kids like him

he looks nice in pictures

he likes to travel and be adventurous

he's loves him some america.

he has some good dance moves
( he knows these ladies, theyre all friends, not random strangers)

he enjoys food

he takes pictures like this

but best of all you can be friends with me!!

no but seriously. my {little} brother is my best friend. he's super smart. he's 25. he's getting his masters in teaching. he's really funny. people know him everywhere he goes. he can make people believe anything he says. he goes to the gym every day but isn't a meathead. people love him. he'll bring you flowers if that's your thing. he makes really good chili. he tells this really good joke about kansas city, and another one about grapes. he can move heavy things. he plays soccer. he has good hair. he wears nice clothes. he usually smells nice. he speaks spanish. he might even be president one day. he's one of the good ones.  my list of amazing things about him is never i'll just cut myself off here.

sooo. wanna win a date with him?

leave me a fabulous comment as to why and i'll pick a winner :)

*okay, okay, this may or may not be a real contest..because he lives in new york and you all live everywhere else in the world...but if you do, or you happen to know someone who might want to meet him and see what happens, well then seriously leave me a comment and i'll work some magic*

or just leave me a comment anyway. you know i love them!

alright enjoy your weekend lovebugs, xo

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams



  1. Check out my Friend Debbie :) She is from FL but would love a great guy like him...

  2. HAHAHAHAH this just made my day!! Enter me but if I win he better show up with my LV bag. Also I especially like his qualities of : Loving America, how I'm already best friends with you (so just check that box right off)and how he will look in 35 years - can we win your Dad for a date too? I'd like to win that one. haha <3 GAT!

  3. Ahhh....he is such a cutie! I'm in Tennessee now, but totally willing to move somewhere if it turns into something more. :) Feel free to give him my email ( I posted about me and a couple friends on my blog

  4. He seems like a good catch.

    Did you link up with Kellys Corner? If you did I'm #150

    If not just go here...

  5. You should go link up with KellysKorner-she's doing a "Show Us Your Singles" type thing-it's awesome

    Or you could introduce him to Michelle from A Little Bit of This or missblondie_xo on the twitter LOL

    Regardless, he's cute!

  6. Clearly I came here from Kelly's Korner.

    First...You are hilarious. You are an amazing writer. But above all else, I can tell you are an incredible sister. He is lucky to have you.

    So, I'm all the way in Oklahoma, but I figured, what the heck... I might as well throw my name out there too. This should link back to my blog,, or I'm number 34 on Kelly's page.

    Best of luck finding a good match for your brother. From the looks and sounds of it, he's amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have him in their life.

  7. Im amanda! I am form Ohio. your brother sounds like a blast. I would love to be in contact with him. Im the last one on the SUYL list.

  8. I would love to meet him. I am 22 and from NY also. He has a darling smile and I love that he loves kids. I love kids.

  9. What a cutie pie... I live in MN though. :( He seems like a catch and I am sure he will be snatched up soon.

  10. SARAH YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thanks!! :)

  11. Bahaha! You did a personal ad for your little bro?! This is amazing. Thanks for sharing the link with me, Sarah! You really put a lot of effort into this post too -- all those photos!


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