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worst. blind. date. ...or at least super awkward.

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So... i've only been on a few blind dates with people who didnt end up being my boyfriend ( i usually find one through hanging out with friends, and then they think im cute and therefore become my boyfriend....or something like that) but the ones i did happen to survive to tell about have made me dread dating all over again.
should i tell you about the most recent one i went on when my "friend" told me this guy was really good looking, really smart and totally my type...
cut to when i met him: he was missing his front tooth, told me he has just checked out of a rehab...two weeks before because of a mental breakdown and substance abuse issues, and that he felt we really had a spiritual connection and could "really turn into something", and would i like to go smoke with him after bc he just bought a fresh dime bag. no thank you.
how about  i tell you about my very favorite awful blind date that
i had no idea was actually a date
i was in college and on an "off again" period with the guy i was always seeing, even when i wasnt. randomly, an alumni from his fraternity had just "friended" practically every single person i knew, so we started messaging back and forth because that was back when although i did accept every friend request i got, i wanted to know about this guy.
after a few days, he mentioned he was going to be in town and would i like to get together and grab dinner?
well, see keep in mind that i thought this was just a friendly thing, because i was in college and had a lot of guy friends so grabbing dinner with one of them wasn't ever suspicious to me.
anyway, remember how i said it was during an "off again" period? so my thinking, which was then further clarified by my friends, was that if my off again guy found out i was hanging out with someone else he'd come to his senses and realize how much he wanted to be with me. right. and it would do me some good  to meet other guys. ok sure.
so we make plans, he's going to pick me up from my house after an event at school and we'd go grab dinner.
red flag #1: he looked nothing like his facebook picture. NOTHING. im talking it must've been a picture from ten years ago.
i wanted to grab a slice or something know, because it wasn't a date.
we went to the cheesecake factory.
he talked about how he really was looking for a relationship, come into town a lot, what was i looking for in a relationship and how i could do better than my off again guy.
i kept talking about how great it was to make a new friend.
i tried to pay for my food, go dutch and whatnot but he wouldn't let me.

he mentioned he'd like to stick around for the night, make plans for after dinner...i mentioned that i wasnt feeling well and would probably stay home for then night...
(because im a big liar pants and had plans to go to a big party that night with my girlfriends)

anyhow, then he drove me back to my place where I planned on saying goodnight, great meeting you, thanks for dinner and running inside...

but he parked and got out and walked me to the door
 (i know, i know, that's sweet, i just wasnt into it)

again he mentioned not having plans for the rest of the night and maybe we could hang out at my house, where again i said i wasnt feeling well so i was just going to stay home then he leaned in to kiss me goodnight which i was trying to avoid...
...and i was saved by my roommate who threw the front door open and said "yay youre home, ready to go to the party?!"

i gave her the look and said
"party? no, im not feeling well, byeeeeee insert blind dates name here  thanks, i had fun!"
and ran inside.

i felt like a big tool. and the he texted me to say he had a great time and would love to see me again. wompwompwompppp.

was this the WORST blind date ever? no. but it was super awkward, i had no idea it was a date, andddd he tricked me with his profile picture. no fair.

p.s. i went to the party anyway, saw his friends who all asked how my date was because he had told them all we were going on one. fail.

join the link up and share your own blind date stories, because's funny to read other peoples and be glad they didnt happen to you, haha :)

with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dreams


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  1. I love reading all the bad date stories! They are so entertaining...that last guy sounds like he was completely clueless!


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