Wednesday, February 8, 2012

oh how pinteresting!

hello, hello and happy middle of the week.

linking up with the lovely Michelle over at the vintage apple
for Oh how pinteresting wednesday!

god, i love pinterest. and i love getting emails ten times a day about all the new people who joined pinterest and are now following me, or have repinned something i pinned...makes me feel both special and gratified that i pinned something awesome and other people think so too, haha

also, i had someone ask me the other day if i was on pinterest, and "you should really join".
ME?! i was the first person of all the people i know in real life to join (thanks to this link up!!)
sooo...good to see it's catching on, so when i talk about loving my pins or getting an idea from a pin, people actually know what i mean :)

let's get to the pins shall we?

oven dried strawberries, yummm

make your own wrap. awesome.

gorg. love her.

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest
portabello mushroom, tomato, goat cheese, grilled pita

Source: via devstar on Pinterest
and is ron wearing a shirt with daniel's face on it? and yes, i know his names not actually ron, but i cant imagine it being anything else


chicken enchilada soup, my favorite

Source: via Anna on Pinterest
hi stretch marks. im a tiger, apparently. and now ill get more from losing weight.

oh herroooo!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

genius. and so handy! now im not fishing around in my bag for them!

i could really keep going...but i need to cut myself off. want to see the rest of my pins?
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with a heart full of hope & a mind full of dream



  1. Neville being the hottest is really weird!! and I love that bobby pin idea. genius!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love Rachel McAdams! i love that Harry Potter one too...I always call him Ron too even though his name is Rupert...Rupert just doesn't fit for him :)

  3. Great pins! Pinterest is so addicting!


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