Friday, February 10, 2012


dear self,

      next time you have to wake up at 6am the next day, please attempt to be productive all day long with activities that will leave you so exhausted that you will have no other choice but to fall asleep immediately the second you get into bed. your idea to relax and enjoy your last official weekday off by doing absolutely nothing important except napping and watching marathons of your favorite tv shows seemed like an awesome idea this afternoon, but now being wide awake at 1 am...ehhhnotsomuch.

we're going to regret this when the alarm goes off in a few short hours. wompwompwomp.

not so smart now are we?

hopefully your hair looks as fantastic later on as it does right now,
(but i doubt it-- that almost neverrrr happens)
and maybe you'll be able to get a few more minutes of hitting the snooze button. 
the bags you'll have under your eyes?
can't really help you with that one.

later gator.


  1. Oh yikes! I can definitely relate. I've had nights like that when I just wanted to catch some zzzzz's but couldn't sleep.

  2. This is my exact sleep schedule...but add a toddler...I can't help it but every night he is in bed I want to have 'me' time and it just lasts waaaay too long! I don't think we'll ever change...


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