Friday, February 17, 2012

i think im sleeping with my eyes open.


i've been a bad blogger this week. i haven't read any blogs basically, and i haven't written any either


i've been surrounded by teenagers who apparently think school is just someplace to display their wardrobe choices and take naps on a daily basis, so they leave me pretty exhausted  that i just want to lay in my bed and stare at the wall by the time i get home.

 what's that say about me that after only working for one week, i am grateful to have school vacation next week....yeah, as if i didn't just have the entire month off to do nothing with my life.

Source: via Cherie on Pinterest

random--but i've never watched american idol before until this season. and i'm like really into it. like realllly into it. as in I cry when someone i like gets cut and they cry. as in i get angry and argue with jlo when they pick someone to move on to the next phase that i think is a mean person.


individual cups of mac and cheese are underrated. especially the ones that come in shapes. i'm partial to the spongebob ones. try it for yourself. you're welcome in advance

i would enjoy a new lipstick. perferably in an awesome red or pink. the fact that i have lipsticks i love and dont wear, have no reason to wear them, never wear lipstick in real life, or need any lipstick is besides the point. sometimes a girl just wants to wear a broken in pair of jeans and some fancy lipstick.

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my hair is falling out. definitely falling out. i would like it to grow long, luxurious and thick again. preferably by the time i wake up tomorrow morning.

and...that's all i can think of to tell you about for now.
my brain is tired so i'm going to catch up on my dvr list for the week and do this....
and i should make this:
or this:
too bad i only drink cheap wine that comes with screw off tops or in boxes.
c'est la vie.
with a heart full of hope & a mind fill of dreams


  1. I love your comments about American Idol. I've watched here and there since season 1, and I'm a little unsure about this season. We shall see!! Love the cork art - I'm going to start collecting now. :)

    Happy Saturday!

    Keep Shining,

  2. i have been saving wine corks for a while now and can't wait to make something like that!


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